Topic: College of Architecture and Planning

February 15, 2007

James Glass, a Ball State professor and director for the Center for Historic Preservation, was among experts appointed to a panel reviewing and recommending ways to improve the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

Glass was appointed to serve as an expert on the act's history and as a representative of the preservation degree programs in the United States during a recent summit for the Preserve America initiative, created in 2003 by President George W. Bush and co-chaired by first lady Laura Bush.

Glass' panel produced recommendations that are being reviewed this month by representatives of Preserve America and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, an independent federal agency appointed by the president. The groups will discuss the recommendations and decide which will be forwarded for legislative action by Congress or be sent to federal agencies for action.

While writing his doctoral dissertation at Cornell University, Glass researched the events leading up to the National Historic Preservation Act. He later used his research to write a book, titled "The Beginnings of a New National Historic Preservation Program, 1957 to 1969."

By Kim Jackson and Mardee Roberts