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April 6, 2007

Ball State Business Fellows students are coordinating several smoking awareness events on campus April 11-12, including a smoke-free day and a lecture by tobacco company whistleblower Victor DeNoble.

DeNoble, a former research scientist for Philip Morris, will discuss "Exposed: Secrets of Big Tobacco" at 7 p.m. April 11 in Pruis Hall. The event is free and open to the public.

The events are sponsored by Smokefree Indiana, a team of Ball State students guided by Jeffrey Clark and Susan Clark, physiology and health science professors, to promote smoke-free lifestyles.

DeNoble will discuss the research he and other Philip Morris researchers conducted in the early 1980s into the addictive nature of nicotine - several years before the Surgeon General declared nicotine an addictive substance.

During a 1994 congressional committee hearing, tobacco company executives testified that, in their opinion, smoking wasn't addictive. However, DeNoble testified Philip Morris knew about his research, quashed publication of the findings in scientific journals and closed the lab where he worked in 1984.

Using testimony from all the 1994 congressional hearings, the Food and Drug Administration established landmark tobacco regulations in 1996.

In addition to the lecture, the Business Fellows team is sponsoring a smoke-free day at Ball State April 12.

"We are encouraging smokers to stop one day," Susan Clark said. "We also are asking everyone to encourage any smoker they know on campus to quit for one day - and then encourage them to quit for another day and another day."

Also on April 12, students will be at the Scramble Light and at the intersection of Petty Road and McKinley Avenue, asking people to sign a petition about a campuswide smoking ban, said Yoko Kandori, a graduate student participating in the Smokefree Indiana project. They will give T-shirts to those signing the petition.

For more information about Smokefree Indiana, contact Jeffrey Clark at (765) 285-8350 or or Susan Clark at (765) 285-8356 or at

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