Topics: President, Immersive Learning

April 4, 2007

Ball State students involved in any one of the university's growing number of immersive learning programs are not working simply for a grade. They're "working for an impact," insisted President Jo Ann M. Gora during an interview with the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) for a profile in the periodical's March 12 edition.

Beyond the immediate benefits to many regional communities and businesses partnering with Ball State in immersive learning projects, the president observed that Indiana, the nation and the world-at-large also stand to gain long term from students and graduates prepared to work more effectively in the increasingly interdisciplinary and collaborative business and social environments of the 21st century.

"I believe it is my responsibility to push, prod, coax and encourage the university community to be more entrepreneurial," IBJ writer Chris O'Malley quotes Gora as saying in countless messages she's delivered throughout the state over the course of her nearly three years as Ball State's chief executive.

At the same time, O'Malley reports that Gora already "has earned a reputation in business and political circles as a shrewd and aggressive ambassador" for her institution, and one particularly interested in projects "that will make a difference."

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