Topics: Sustainability/Environment, Administrative

August 22, 2007

Park Hall's green highlights include:

  • recycled products -18 percent of the materials in the building were composed of either post-consumer or post-industrial recycled materials
  • regional materials - 25 percent of the materials in the building were manufactured regionally, and 70 percent of the regionally manufactured products were also extracted regionally
  • energy recovery and optimization of building systems including HVAC, lighting and building materials - 35 percent energy savings as compared to standard systems
  • low-flow water fixtures - 29 percent water-use reduction as compared to standard fixtures, resulting in 1.3 million gallons saved annually
  • construction management plans - 90 percent of the construction waste was diverted from landfills and indoor air-quality protection plans were implemented throughout
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - few VOCs such as those typically contained in adhesives, paints and other building materials were used in the building process; VOCs are potential irritants that are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids
  • overall carbon footprint - reduction of 740 tons of carbon per year as compared to standard level of design, approximately the carbon emitted in one year by 185 cars driving 12,000 miles