Topics: Administrative, Athletics

August 27, 2007

Scheumman Stadium
<b>Scheumann Stadium renovations</b>
Following a successful fundraising campaign and $13.7 million construction effort, Ball State's Scheumann Stadium is ready again to host another exciting season of Cardinal football, and significant changes to the facility promise a different experience for student-athletes and fans alike.

The stadium continues to seat up to 22,500 spectators, and the gridiron has been updated to FieldTurf - a synthetic grass surface similar to many NFL stadiums. Another first for the modernized venue includes club seating, entertainment suites and a family style seating area.

"I am delighted with the look and feel Scheumann Stadium brings, not only to our expanding campus but to the city of Muncie as well," said Ball State President Jo Ann M. Gora. "The re-opening of the stadium is a momentous occasion for the university, and it would not have been possible without the generous contributions of so many donors and alumni." 

Also among the more visible changes to the stadium is the installation of the four-level Paul and Pat Kozel Media Center. Perched atop the west grandstand, this impressive structure provides attractive, new accommodations for print and broadcast media as well as fans and guests of the university. More subtle yet distinctive changes await elsewhere throughout the stadium.

Ground Level

A new five-window ticket office at the main gate moves fans more efficiently into the stadium. Two new elevators have been installed to whisk visitors up into the media center. 

Second Level

A total of 184 club seats on the second level of the media center are now available to season ticket holders, who are gold level members of the Cardinal Varsity Club. Fans will enjoy open air stadium chair seating and will have access to private restrooms and concessions.

Third Level

This glass-enclosed area features space for print, radio and television media as well as coaching booths. In addition to visiting and home athletic director suites, the red carpet has been rolled out for individuals and businesses that have leased three of the stadium's 14 entertainment suites - each supplied with university-catered food and a personal suite attendant.

Fourth Level

The red carpet treatment continues up to the top level, also enclosed by glass, and is home to the remaining 11 entertainment suites, including the president's suite.

Other Renovations

With the addition of a grassy hill and the construction of a pillar-like wall, the university has transformed the north end of the stadium into a relaxed family style seating area - a perfect spot to spread out a blanket and enjoy the game.

Down on the field, a new synthetic grass playing surface now exists - 85,000 square feet of it to be exact. FieldTurf USA installed the grass by sewing together 15 foot wide sections. The company used a patented mixture of smooth, rounded silica sand and rubber granules, which have been cryogenically frozen. The materials provide a stable, resilient, uniform, shock-absorbing surface with a look and feel of natural grass.  

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects and Shook Construction, hired by Ball State to design and renovate Scheumann Stadium, have made sure the new stadium complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards - providing additional wheelchair ramping and greater accessibility throughout the stadium.

Fans will enjoy the same great tasting food and drink as the old stadium, but they'll be able to get back to their seats more quickly, thanks in part to larger concession stands and more registers.

New restroom facilities have also been provided around the stadium, including waterless urinals to conserve water.

"We wanted to wow fans when they enter Scheumann Stadium for the first time," said Gary Canaday, manager of campus construction. "Every idea and material that went into this project was intended to give everyone walking into this stadium the best experience possible, and I think we've accomplished that goal."