Topic: Administrative

February 3, 2012

At approximately 2 p.m., Muncie police were in the process of making an arrest near University Avenue and Dill Street. The suspect fired at police, wounding two Muncie police officers. Police returned fire, wounding the suspect. Police injuries were believed to be non-life threatening.

University Police were not on the scene. At no time was there a threat to the university community.

Emergency alerts are sent when there are specific actions that members of the campus community can take to ensure their safety. These alerts are communicated by text, e-mail, web, and campus voicemail.

In this case, the incident occurred over a short timeframe, was contained for its duration, and the suspect was in custody immediately after the situation. There was no threat to campus that could have been addressed by emergency alerts because the incident was over as quickly as it began.

The university issued public safety notices with official information to confirm that there was no immediate threat to campus. While emergency alerts are intended for extremely brief, actionable messages, public safety notices have the added goal of balancing complete information with the speed of communication.

University Police were in communication with the Muncie Police Department, the agency on the scene.    

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