Indianapolis Star

May 22, 2014
Ball State University tapped into an East Coast university for its president for for the second consecutive time.
Topic: President
May 21, 2014
Story focuses on study by CBER director Michael Hicks.
Topic: Economy
May 4, 2014
The board revealed Saturday night at President Jo Ann Gora's retirement celebration it has renamed the Student Recreation and Wellness Center in her honor and for her "transformative leadership," according to a news release.
Topic: President
April 22, 2014
Ball State graduate is featured.
March 26, 2014
CBER director MIchael Hicks is quoted.
Topic: Economy
March 21, 2014
CBER research is quoted.
Topic: Economy
March 4, 2014
Christina Blanch, doctoral student and instructor, is featured.
February 12, 2014
Student to appear on game show.
February 10, 2014
Ball State professor is interviewed.
February 10, 2014
Ball State is cited as one of the organizations against the amendment.
Topic: Athletics
January 24, 2014
Indianapolis Star: Still thirsty? Indy's craft beer industry is growing up
Rob Mathews, assistant director at the Ball State Entrepreneurship Center, said there still is some room for craft beer-making, despite the crowded market. “It all starts with quality, no matter what their go-to market strategy is,” he said. “And they probably won’t all make it, truthfully.”
December 27, 2013
Indianapolis Star
Chris Flook has me green with envy. The Ball State University telecommunications instructor spent the summer cruising all 92 Indiana counties photographing courthouses and the buildings around them.
Topic: CCIM
December 27, 2013
Indianapolis Star: Pope Francis does good without abandoning past, alienating future
Jennifer Mara DeSilva, history professor, penned a guest column.
December 21, 2013
Indianapolis Star: State jobless rate drops again, to 7.3%
Ball State University economist Michael Hicks put it this way: “Santa himself” couldn’t have delivered a more important Christmas present to Hoosiers.
December 11, 2013
Indianapolis Star: Ball State economist predicts 'tough year' ahead for economy
Michael Hicks thinks 2014 will be “a pretty tough year” for the U.S. economy. The Ball State University economist and director of Center for Business and Economic Research has only a slightly rosier outlook for west-central Indiana.
December 1, 2013
Indianapolis Star: Carmel teacher tops journalism educator in country
The students (Ball State graduate) Jim Streisel teaches at Carmel High School may not become the next generation of news reporters, but with the skills learned in his media classes, they should be armed to conquer college and beyond.
Topic: CCIM
November 21, 2013
Saudi, Chinese students flock to Ball State
Thanks to China and Saudi Arabia, Ball State University enrolled a record number of international students this fall.
November 1, 2013
Seasonal slump
Michael Hicks, director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State, wonders whether tight times during the recession have caused a lasting shift in consumer spending trends.
October 21, 2013
Angela Ahrendts says Indiana roots will follow her to Apple
“I am hugely proud of my Midwestern roots,” Ahrendts, 53, and the current CEO of Burberry said via email this weekend. “Growing up in Indiana, I learned that everything truly begins and ends with people, and the compassion, trust and respect for others that define this part of the world have given me a tremendous professional foundation.” And those Indiana roots and values will soon be following Ahrendts to tech giant Apple when she takes over her new post as senior vice president of expansion plans and retail operations. The Ball State University graduate and mother of three was named to the position last week.
Topic: Alumni
October 18, 2013
How to fix Indiana's abysmal gap
The numbers are abysmal. For every $1 the average American worker makes, the typical Hoosier is paid 86 cents. Our state ranks 40th in the nation in income, a drop of 10 spots in the past 30 years. Per-capita incomes in Indiana, according to a recent Ball State University study, are at the nation’s 1996 level — that’s back to the days when Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were competing for the presidency.
August 31, 2013
Erika D. Smith: Workers' fight for better pay should resonate with all Hoosiers
This makes no sense to me. Not after Ball State University recently released a study showing that the average Hoosier earns a wage that’s decades behind the rest of the country. Indiana ranks 40th among states for 2010 per capita income, with the average resident earning $33,981. Adjusted for inflation, that puts us on par with what the rest of the nation was making in 1996.
Topic: CCIM
August 23, 2013
Indiana's average personal income equals that of US - in 1996
Many Hoosiers earn personal incomes that are decades behind their working counterparts in the rest of the country, a new Ball State University study says.
August 12, 2013
New app to offer tours of state parks
Story about a Ball State immersive learning class developing apps for the Department of Natural Resources.
May 22, 2013
Reporters can cry with us over stories like devastating Oklahoma tornado
Mark Masse, journalism professor, penned a guest column about the emotional toll on reporters of covering events such as the recent tornado in Oklahoma.
Topic: CCIM
May 8, 2013
For online programs for veterans, Ball State ranks among best
In its first rankings of online programs for veterans, U.S. News & World Report put Ball State's among the top in the country.
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