Creative risks are those instances when you push the limits of what’s known or accepted, whether it’s a business model or artwork. Interdisciplinary collaboration means working across disciplines—like in the workplace—learning how to interact and communicate best with diverse people. Together, these make learning exciting and rewarding, but they take you out of your comfort zone, which means you’re in for an experience ripe with life and career lessons. And you’ll be guided and encouraged by professors who are master teachers and experts in their fields.


Science and Art
“The collaborative environment of these experiences is exhilarating for everyone involved. I believe that the students learn more when they can practice the concepts in real-life experiences, which is exactly what immersive learning requires." Theatre professor Jennifer Blackmer and her students created The Human Faustus Project at the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry.

Honing Skills and Talents
Step inside Ball State’s School of Art Virtual Gallery to see a selection of original works by students and faculty members.

Entrepreneurs in Action
“Ball State taught me that whether it’s a class, job, career, project, or just a personal goal, it’s the dedication and willingness to take risks for great returns that makes you successful in life." As an entrepreneurship major, Shawnda Brodnex, '07, took the capstone “pass or fail” class that challenges seniors to put their degrees on the line when their business plans are reviewed by top business leaders just days before graduation.

Behind the Show
Theatre students focusing on design and technology work with sophisticated digital lighting, recording, and reproduction sound systems. They also create movie trailers for downloading on cell phones to promote on-campus theatre shows, and they produce engaging videos to take visitors behind the scenes.