Watching someone else solve a problem, develop a plan, or conduct research won’t prepare you to hit the ground running in the competitive professional world. To be a leader, you’ll need to experience and experiment for yourself in real situations, learning to take risks and work in a diverse team. Open doors to career success and personal challenge through our intense, relevant, and hands-on immersive learning and research opportunities.

The Next Level of StorytellingNewslink0078
Today’s communicators must know how to tell stories on multiple platforms, whether that is print, TV, or mobile devices. iMedia, Sports Link, and the Emerging Media Journalism track will teach you how to produce content using today’s latest technologies—and prepare you for tomorrow’s.


Real-World Practice
Justin Sieb worked on a student team that served as actual marketing consultants for Indiana-based retailer Vera Bradley. "This type of team experience will not only help us in our future careers but also in our future encounters with other people in the world."

Hands-On Research

Unlike some other schools, at Ball State, you have the advantage of hands-on research early in your college experience. Our Chemistry Research Immersion Summer Program lets even freshmen begin research work with professors outside of class labs, giving you a head start on nearly three and a half years of research opportunities.



Life-Changing Discovery

At Ball State, you have opportunities to work with faculty researchers such as Scott Trappe, director of the Human Performance Lab, which is nationally recognized for student and faculty research on exercise and work performance. Studies have explored the effect of prolonged space flight on human skeletal muscles, the limits of athletic performance for the U.S. Olympic Committee, and the effects of aging on muscles.