Burris Laboratory School


Burris Laboratory School's admissions procedures are intended to create a diverse student population in response to its role in teacher preparation in the state of Indiana. Moreover, the school is prepared to provide appropriate educational programs for students with special needs. Because Burris identifies itself as a family school, admissions will continue to focus on enabling siblings to attend Burris. Whenever there are grade level openings, current Burris families will be offered priority for admission of siblings who do not attend Burris. When class enrollment openings remain after sibling registration, Burris will utilize a lottery system for applications from families with no current Burris children. The school will admit students only at the beginning of the academic year, unless an unusual situation arises. By January 9, 2014, all current Burris students will indicate their intent to enroll for 2014-15. From this information, an estimate will be generated for the number of grade level openings for the 2014-15 school year.

Burris families with siblings who do not currently attend and who are eligible for enrollment will have the first opportunity to register for existing openings. If more Burris family siblings apply than class openings exist, a lottery will be held to identify those children to be offered admission.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten at Burris Laboratory School is a full-day program. The lottery will fill the 2014-15 kindergarten openings not filled by siblings and will provide a waiting list to fill openings that might occur after the lottery. Students entering Kindergarten in 2014-15 must be 5 years of age on or before August 1, 2014.

Grades 1-10: For the 2014-15 school year, applications for non-siblings in grades 1-10 will be accepted from November 2013 until January 30, 2014. The lottery will fill any existing openings in grades 1-10 not filled by siblings and/or will provide a waiting list to fill openings that might occur after the lottery.

Applicant's names will be drawn randomly from a pool and publicly announced. A waiting list will be published. Attendance at the lottery drawings will not be required. Parents/guardians will provide a birth certificate (kindergarten entrance) or birth certificate and an official transcript from the previously attended school to verify grade placement (grades 1-10 entrance) and complete a registration form when an offer for admission is made. Parents must give consent for participation in teacher education and research activities.

For the purposes of the lottery, grade level placement at Burris Laboratory School is based on the following:

0 credits needed to be a freshman
10 credits needed to be a sophomore

There is no Burris Admissions Committee. The principal will be responsible for public announcement for applications for 2014-15. The main office will accept sibling registrations and applications for inclusion in the lottery. The principal (or designee) will conduct the lottery and administer the registration process, including offering admission to students from the waiting list at the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year.

Burris Laboratory School offers a limited number of openings for students with high ability. This action is in keeping with a long-term commitment to serve students with high ability and to facilitate research on the education of high ability students.

Ball State University has an Admissions Appeal Committee and a policy in place for appealing admission decisions under very limited circumstances.