Under very limited circumstances, an applicant, by his or her custodial parent or other legal guardian, may appeal the decision of the Burris Laboratory School, denying him or her admission to the School. Such appeal must be submitted in writing to the Burris Laboratory School Admissions Appeal Committee and must be received in the office of the Burris principal within ten (10) calendar days after the date of the admissions decision that is being appealed. An appeal that is not received within such ten (10) calendar day period or that does not state a basis for appeal conforming with the requirements of the following paragraph will be summarily dismissed by the Dean of Teachers College without review.

An appeal under these procedures must set forth unusual and compelling circumstances involving extreme personal hardship to the applicant that is reasonably certain to arise if the applicant is not admitted to Burris. Such hardship must have arisen from circumstances beyond the control of, and not due to the fault of, the applicant or the applicant's custodial parent or other legal guardian.

The Burris Laboratory School Admissions Appeal Committee will review an appeal meeting the requirements of these procedures as soon as reasonably practicable. The Committee reserves the right to require the applicant to submit such evidence as the Committee may reasonably require prior to making its decision.

Once the Burris Laboratory School Admissions Appeal Committee has made a determination regarding the appeal, the Committee will submit a recommendation to the Dean of Teachers College regarding the appeal. The Dean will review this recommendation, add such comments and additional recommendations as the Dean deems appropriate, and submit the recommendation to the President.

The President will review the Dean 's recommendation and will make a final determination. There are no appeal procedures beyond the decision of the President.

The membership of the Burris Laboratory School Admissions Appeal Committee will consist of five (5) members to be appointed by the Dean of Teachers College. No one may hear an appeal who has a demonstrated conflict of interest or a personal interest in the appeal. A decision regarding such conflict or personal interest, if alleged or declared by an interested party, shall be made by the Dean of the Teachers College, whose decision shall be final. A member from the Office of University Compliance will serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the committee.

The Dean of Teachers College may modify these procedures or establish additional procedures to ensure a fair and complete review of each appeal.