Burris Laboratory School

Burris School General Procedures

Faculty members should review the University Faculty and Professional Personnel Handbook and the Burris Student Handbook. The procedures that follow are used at Burris.

Absence Reports: Absence reports are due to the Secretary by the deadline (20th to 23rd) each the month. Please make sure this paperwork is completed so that you will receive your check on the last working day of the month.

Announcements: Announcements for Channel 61, the VIS systems, and News in a Flash must be given to the Media Coordinator.

Attendance -Student: Attendance must be taken using PowerSchool Teacher or reported to the Administrative Coordinator.

Middle/high teachers are expected to take attendance within the first five minutes of each class.

  • Students who arrive between class starting and five after should be issued a tardy.
  • Students who arrive after the five-minute mark should only be admitted into class with a pass from the office.

Elementary teachers are asked to take attendance twice daily – at the beginning of the day and after lunch.

Borrowing Equipment: Folding tables and chairs must be requisitioned from the physical plant. Forms may be obtained from the Financial Coordinator. The physical plant must receive the form at least 7 days before the items are needed.

Cash Handling: For the purpose of this policy, "cash" includes coins, currency, checks, and money order transactions. All persons who accept cash assume the responsibility of following the cash handling procedures outlined below. Burris Laboratory School is subject to periodic, unannounced audits by Management, the Internal Auditor or State Board of Accounts.

Receiving Cash

  • All checks and money orders accepted by a Burris Laboratory School employee that will be deposited into a Ball State University account must be made payable to Burris Laboratory School or Ball State University and drawn on a U.S. bank. Do not accept checks or money orders made payable to an individual.
  • All employees will request that currency not be sent to school with students unless necessary. Checks or money orders are the preferred methods of payment. Credit cards cannot be accepted.
  • No cash is to be left unsecured at any time.
  • Faculty/Staff members are authorized to accept cash from students/parents for activities/events for which they are responsible.
    • The faculty or staff member will document all cash received using a deposit worksheet. A separate worksheet is required for separate activities.
    • Receipts will be issued by a faculty/staff member if currency (more than $50.00) is received. Receipts will not be issued for checks or money orders unless specifically requested. If a receipt must be given, the copy will be attached to the Deposit Worksheet.
    • No expenditures can be made from funds received.
    • All funds received will be kept in a locked drawer until given to the Financial Coordinator to be deposited. Funds may also be stored in the office safe.
    • Cash in excess of $50.00 will be prepared for deposit and given to the financial coordinator by the next business day. Cash totaling less than $50.00 will not be held for more than 3 school days.
    • The entire Cash Handling Policy and forms are included in this handbook.

    Class Changes: All class changes are to be referred to the Guidance Counselor. Students should not be allowed to remain in your class past the second day if a change has not been made in the computer so that the student is appearing in your attendance list.

    Class Lists: Class lists are available from the Office Supervisor/Systems Administrator. You will automatically receive class lists at the beginning of each term. You may also print class rosters using PowerTeacher - Gradebook. Please make sure your class lists are available for your substitutes.

    Computer Problems: Contact the Technology Coordinator with computer problems. Exception: Contact the Office Supervisor/Systems Administrator with PowerSchool/PowerGrade/PowerSchoolTeacher problems.

    Discipline Referrals: Each teacher should have a supply of discipline referrals in their classroom. If a student is sent to the office, a referral should be sent with the student.

    Electronic Gradebooks: Middle and high school teachers are required to use PowerTeacher/PowerSchool to record grades. See the Office Supervisor/Systems Administrator with questions.

    Elevator: The elevator can be accessed with any Burris key that begins with 54B. It is never to be used during an emergency. Special keys are available for injured students who cannot use the stairs. Students should see the Secretary in the main office.

    Emergency Preparedness Plan: All faculty should read and discuss this plan with their students. We are required to conduct one fire drill each month and two tornado drills each semester. Everyone in the building at the time of a drill is expected to participate. Evacuation routes are posted in each room. Please be sure to notice the procedures for assisting the handicapped or disabled during the drills or an actual emergency. Contact the Safety Director with any questions.

    Faculty Files: Individual faculty personnel files are maintained by the Secretary to the Principal.

    FAX: A fax machine is located in the main office. The fax number is 765-285-8620. Access codes can be used on the fax machine.

    Final Exam Schedules: Final exam schedules are distributed in November and April of each year. Students are to remain in class during the entire final exam period.

    Grades for Students: Grades will be issued once each six and twelve week terms in middle school and twice each semester middle school core classes and all high school classes. Grades are collected electronically using PowerSchool. Grades are always due by 8:00 a.m. on the third school day following the end of term. (Exception: grades at end of school years are requested earlier.) Report cards are mailed to parents unless a request is made not to receive paper report cards. Faculty may issue any other reports to students/parents as they see necessary. All middle school and high school faculty are expected to post grades using PowerTeacher. All middle and high school students and parents receive usernames/password to PowerSchool to track student progress.

    Grade Changes: Grade change forms are available only from the Office Supervisor/Systems Administrator.

    Grade Changes and Athletic Eligibility: Grades are posted in the main office by the end of the third school day following mid-term or the end of the semester. These are the grades that determine athletic eligibility for the next grading period. Therefore, grades will not be changed after the third day for purpose of athletic eligibility.

    Homework Requests: Homework requests are accepted from parents on the third day of their absence. An email will be sent to the teachers. Homework should be left with the Administrative Coordinator in the main office.

    Keys: Keys are issued by the Secretary in the main office. Keys are not to be given to students.

    Mail: Mail is delivered between 9:00 and 10:00 each morning by Central Mailing. All efforts are made to have mail distributed by noon. Personal packages and mail, not school related, should not be mailed to you at your Burris address.

    Media Needs: Media needs such as the VIS system, VCR's, overhead projectors or microphones for the auditorium are to be obtained from the Media Coordinator in room 215.

    Messages for Faculty: If you are expecting an emergency message or very important call, please tell the Administrative Coordinator. Calls are not transferred to your classroom during the hours you are teaching. If you receive an emergency call, you will be notified immediately. Someone will come to your room and allow you to go to the office or your office to take the call. All other messages will be placed in your mailbox as soon as possible after they are taken.

    Messages for Students: Messages for students are accepted from parents and guardians only. Messages will be delivered immediately in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, messages will be delivered toward the end of each hour.

    Notary Public: The Office Supervisor in the main office is a notary public. Parental permission forms for overnight trips will be notarized at no cost. Parents should be informed that they must personally appear to have their signature notarized.

    Office Hours: The main office is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. during the regular academic year. Summer hours are from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

    Parking: Parking permits for guests on a limited basis are available from the Administrative Coordinator in the main office. Faculty members are required to register their vehicles with the Office of Parking Services. Employees of Ball State University may not use guest permits. Parking permits are available for parents to attend parent conferences or to chaperon field trips. These permits are issued for the day. Parents should see the Administrative Coordinator for the permit.

    Photo Copies: Faculty members are encouraged to turn in copy requests at least 48 hours in advance to the main office. Copiers are available in faculty lounges/workrooms for faculty use. Faculty members are expected to obey copyright laws.

    PowerSchool: PowerSchool is the student information system that tracks and provides information for administrators, teachers, students, parents, and state reporting. PowerSchool Teacher, an Internet application, provides an easy way for teachers to report student attendance (twice each day in elementary and hourly in middle and high school) and to view demographic and academic information on their students. PowerTeacher, an application installed on the teacher's computer, is an electronic grade book that pulls class files for teachers from the PowerSchool database and allows them to publish assignments and grades directly to PowerSchool. Parents and students in grades 6-12 may access student attendance and grades (usernames/passwords required) at any time using a web browser. Teachers who need training or have questions concerning PowerSchool should contact the Office Supervisor/Systems Administrator in the main office.

    Purchasing Office Supplies: Effective October 1, 2007, office supplies must be purchased using an online system (Guy Brown). Faculty/staff are no longer authorized to purchase office supplies at local vendors such as Staples or Wal-Mart unless prior approval is received from the Purchasing Department. Any questions concerning this policy should be addressed to the Financial Coordinator or the Office Supervisor.

    Purchasing Textbooks and Other Classroom Items: The University has strict policies, which Burris faculty/staff must following, concerning what, how, and where purchases can be made. All purchases must receive prior approval from the Principal and/or the Financial Coordinator before making a purchase. The following are the approved methods of making purchases:

    • Complete a purchase order and submit to the financial coordinator. The financial coordinator will obtain the principal's permission before the order is placed online using the Ball State University purchasing system. This is the preferred method to make a purchase.
    • Purchasing Card. The Principal has a purchasing card that may be used to make small dollar transactions. If you are authorized by the Principal and/or the Financial Coordinator to use the purchasing card, you must sign an "Authorized User Purchasing Card Agreement". You will also be required to discuss your planned purchases with the Financial Coordinator and receive instruction on the limits of the card and what can be purchased using the card before you are given the card. Receipts and the purchasing card must be returned to the Financial Coordinator immediately following the purchase.
    • Personal Purchase (using personal funds). Any items that you purchase using personal funds and plan to request reimbursement from the department or the university must be approved by the Principal and/or Financial Coordinator prior to the purchase being made. Sales tax will not be reimbursed. Obtain a tax exemption form from the Financial Coordinator. Approved purchases up to $50.00 may be reimbursed by using a B-6 form (Petty Cash Voucher).

    Security: Faculty members are responsible for locking and unlocking their classroom and office doors. Doors should not be propped open. Windows should not be left unlocked. Unauthorized access to the building can be made through unlocked windows. When entering the building at night or on the weekend, please make sure the door closes behind you and is pushed or pulled shut.

    Space Requisitions: Any activity after 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or anytime on Saturday and Sunday requires a B-67 form. These forms must be completed and submitted to the Administrative Coordinator. The Administrative Coordinator will schedule your use of the building and process the B-67 form. B-67 forms should be submitted 7-10 days before the event. It is the responsibility of the requestor to set up the room and return the room to its original state after the event. The requestor is responsible for locking and unlocking the room and/or building doors. Keys may be requested from the Secretary. A faculty/staff member or the PTSO must be the requestor.

    Student Information: Faculty members have access to student information on the computer. Students must never be allowed access to this information on your computer. Burris does not release names, addresses and telephone numbers of our students to anyone without permission from the parent.

    Supplies: General supplies can be obtained from the Financial Coordinator. Please complete the appropriate form that is available by the mailboxes and submit it to her. Supplies, other than pencils, pens, chalk, ink cartridges, etc., must be requested and special ordered through the Financial Coordinator.

    Telephones: Each faculty member has a telephone in their office. VIS telephones are available in classrooms. Please remember that most VIS phones are shared by more than one room. Long distance access codes are available from the Financial Coordinator. Regular long distance is not for personal use. Free directory assistance is available online or by calling 1-800-373-3411.

    Temperature in Classroom: The temperature in classrooms is controlled by the physical plant. Contact the Assistant Principal or the Administrative Coordinator if the room is too hot or cold. The problems will be reported to the Physical Plant.

    Textbooks: New or replacement textbooks must be ordered through the Financial Coordinator. See her for the proper form or check the form bin by the mailboxes. All textbook orders must be approved by the Principal/Department Chairperson.

    Work Requests: Please obtain a work request if you are in need of a repair or improvement in your office or classroom. The completed work request should be submitted to the Assistant Principal for approval. Emergency work requests can be processed by the office staff via the telephone or computer.