Burris Laboratory School

Faculty Meeting Procedures

Burris Laboratory School is a laboratory school for the Teachers College, a college of Ball State University. Monthly faculty meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. These meetings will be called to order at 3:10 pm and proceed according to Robert's Rules of Order.

These monthly meetings are essential for communication in our K-12 school. Collaborative leadership and participation is the organizational structure impacting school policies and procedures; school improvement and the general welfare of Burris.  Faculty meetings are the forum for this communication.

Eight standing committee chairs report at the beginning of each meeting. Discussion is held about committee reports. 

Other items of faculty business must be given to the Department Chair in advance to be added to a written agenda. Old business from previous meetings will be handled after committee reports. New business follows. Items that are not on the printed agenda may be brought up upon approval of the group by vote.

A printed agenda will be e-mailed to all Burris faculty and staff by Friday before the monthly meeting on Tuesday. Meetings are always adjourned promptly at 4:00 unless the group votes to extend the meeting. Minutes from these meetings will be distributed by e-mail.