Burris Laboratory School

Social Event Rules

A social event is any Burris sponsored event inside or outside the Burris school building, which may or may not be open to non-students and which requires adult supervision. Burris alumni are considered as guests.

At all Burris Laboratory School social event functions the following applies:

  • All rules and Burris Laboratory School handbook policies must be followed.
  • All Burris students entering the social event must present a student ID. All guests must present a picture ID (to be held until the end of the event).
  • A Burris student may, if the event permits, bring one non-Burris student guest. The guest must sign in at the entrance, remain with the Burris student at all times, and follow Burris rules. Burris alumni are considered as guests and must follow the guest policy.
  • Student participants of the social event will remain in the location of the social event as identified by the social event faculty chairperson.
  • Once a student or guest leaves the location of the social event he or she is expected to leave the premises and not permitted to return to the social function. *Campus Police will be notified if a student does not comply with the above rules.