Burris Laboratory School

Teacher Education

Responsibilities and Information

As a department of Teachers College and a laboratory school, Burris has a special obligation and mission to be involved as a site for pre-service, and other teachers to gain experience, develop teaching skills, and acquire additional knowledge about schools, students and the instructional process.

Burris Laboratory School and its faculty and administration are prepared and willing to accommodate Ball State University students in teacher education, or other licensing programs, in the following types of experiences:

  • Short term, periodic teaching of Burris classes or groups of Burris students by Ball State students enrolled in elementary, secondary education, or other courses.
  • Teaching of lessons to Burris students by methods class students.
  • tutoring, or working with individual Burris students by students enrolled in Ball State classes
  • classroom/teaching observations.
  • interviews with faculty or staff by Ball State students.
  • administration of group or individual tests by students enrolled in Ball State courses or programs that require such experiences.
  • internships or similar programs.
  • independent studies supervised by Ball State faculty.
  • student teachers.
  • other experiences as arranged.

Scheduling Ball State Students

The needs of Burris Laboratory School to be able to conduct a quality K-12 education for its students, the potential large numbers of teacher education students seeking experiences at Burris, and the constraints of time, space, and number of Burris students all require that careful attention be given to the placement of Ball State students in Burris classes. In order to most efficiently accommodate the placement of Ball State students at Burris and to protect the rights of Burris faculty, students, and families it will be necessary to require that:

  • the scheduling or placement of all Ball State students at Burris be initiated by an appropriate department or office at Teachers College or other university departments.
  • requests to schedule student placements be made in the appropriate Burris office.
  • approval of the Burris administration and faculty involved be obtained prior to any placement. A faculty member has the right to decline the participation of a college student if the appropriate learning environment is not available.
  • videotaping, or other electronic means of observation, of Burris classes or students be scheduled and have approval in the same manner as other placements.
  • the assignment of teacher education, or other students be made to faculty and classes at Burris in as equitable a manner as possible , with regard to numbers and amounts of time.
  • Ball State students be adequately prepared and supervised so as to achieve the maximum benefit from their Burris placement.
  • the rights of Burris students and faculty be observed by adhering to strict confidentiality concerning behaviors and practices observed, skills and abilities demonstrated or measured, and general impressions about individuals or groups. This is especially important with respect to grades, test scores, measures of personality or intelligence, family situations, and the like.
  • if possible, that Ball State faculty bringing or sending students to Burris who are unfamiliar with the school's programs and philosophy schedule an informational session with the Burris administration and/or Burris faculty member to become better informed about the school.
  • all scheduling and requests to place students at Burris be made in as timely a manner as possible to facilitate the best possible situation that allows both the teacher education programs and Burris to fulfill their obligations to students and families.

Students with Disabilities in the Classroom

Disability Services

Policies for Pre-Service Experience

Various departments of Teachers College develop specific goals for students' pre-service experiences at Burris Laboratory School. Classroom teachers specify requirements to be fulfilled with their individual classes as they service to implement departmental goals.

The Office of Teacher Education Services (OTES) is in charge of all laboratory experiences. This office coordinates student placement in pre-service programs, as well as Burris Laboratory classroom observations.

Elementary Education policies for EDEL courses are defined in the BSU course handbook.