Burris Laboratory School

Technology Access for Teachers

What BSU provides:

  • Ball State provides each teacher with an Apple laptop during their time at Burris Laboratory School.
  • Ball State also provides every teacher an iLocker and iWeb account. iLocker is a data storage solution that provides teachers with 2 gigabytes of storage for personal use, such as backing up important documents and files. Setup an iLocker account. An iWeb account is a hosting platform on which teachers may create their own web site. An application called Fetch is used to publish via FTP. Setup an iWeb account, and click on the word Support.
  • Bracken Library training website. Includes training schedule, tech clips, and product manuals.

What Burris provides:

  • Burris provides a projector for every two teachers. The scheduled use of the projector is setup between the two individual teachers.
  • There are three mobile laptop carts that are shared among the Middle and High School teachers. These carts can be checked out in Room 233. There are three binders one for each cart. The teacher must write down his or her name and how many laptops they will be using in the correct date and time columns. There are also additional procedures located in Room 233.
  • There are two mobile laptop carts that are shared among the Elementary teachers.
  • Teachers also have access to a Mac Lab located in Room 107 and a PC Lab located in Room 220.
  • Teachers have access to 5 digital cameras. These can be checked out in the Tech Studio, Room 122.
  • There are also 5 digital video cameras that can be checked out.
  • Teachers may use the equipment in the Tech Studio such as a scanner, 2 piano keyboards, 2 graphing pads, and a microphone. The Tech Studio is made up of 12 Macs and 4 PC's. The entire Adobe Creative Suite and PhotoShop Elements applications are available in this lab.
  • The auditorium has a multimedia cart that has a PC with a wireless mouse and keyboard, a document camera, VCR and DVD player, and the ability to connect an external computer. The cart can be connected to two mounted projectors with the ability of projecting two different media at the same time.
  • Teachers also have access to a full time Media Coordinator and Technology Coordinator that are located at Burris Laboratory School.
  • The Media Studio, located in Room 215, has 12 Mac computers that can be used by students. This lab is mainly used for the production of News In A Flash and for the multimedia classes.
  • The library has 16 Mac computers that are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for student use.
  • Room 113 can also be used as small group computer lab. There are 10 Mac computers at this location.
  • Primary teachers have laptops in their classrooms to use as workstations.