Burris Laboratory School


Fill out the forms listed below and submit to the financial coordinator a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your absence:

  • Faculty Absence Report
  • Travel Authorization Information
  • Vehicle Request Form (if you are requesting a vehicle-not a bus)
  • Bus Requisition Form
  • Conference Registration Form (if this fee is being paid for by BSU)
  • Additional Money Request Forms
  • Bus Requisition

Some Guidelines for Travel

  • The administration will make every effort to provide at least a $200.00 stipend per year for each faculty member for conference expenses.
  • Additional monies for presenters can be requested through the Dean's Research Fund. Proof of presenting must be attached.
  • The Travel Regulations and Procedures Manual and forms are online.
  • Rental of University Vehicles
  • Rental of a University Bus – For cost of a bus, contact the Transportation Supervisor at 765-285-2802
  • Rental of a University Car or Van – Current cost associated with rentals can be located online.