Web Content Management

Training for Web Authors

Our training approach has been updated to reflect not only changes in functionality, but also our evolving content strategy. Training is required for all new and existing Sitecore content management system (CMS) authors.

Training for New Authors

Supervisors who have personnel that are new to Sitecore can make a request for training. Please provide the following information about the employee or student who needs to be trained.

  • Name
  • Ball State username
  • Unit or department
  • Web pages or web properties they will help maintain
  • Role (author or website manager)

To make a request, submit the information above to the HelpDesk.

Training for Existing Authors

A training update for all Sitecore authors was completed in early 2014. Additional training will be offered at a later date. If you have feedback on training materials or would like to request additional training, contact Art Hill, manager of interactive marketing.