Are you a writer for the Ball State website? Then you are one of our most important interactive marketing assets. Copy and content (photos, videos, etc.) are the most important contributors to a successful user experience on our site. This content is also what search engines use to determine ranking.

Thoughtful, purposeful writing takes an investment of your time and is a crucial asset in alignment with our overall marketing and communication goals.

As you and your team plan, create, and maintain content on the Ball State website, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Consider the audience the content is addressing and its persona.
  • Consider the message being communicated and the purpose behind the content.
  • Consider the action visitors need to take: apply, give, register, inquire, contact, etc.
  • Consider how results will be measured based on key performance indicators (KPIs) that are business metrics for the university and your department or office. This isn't about just looking at analytics. This is about how you are going to maintain a useful presence on the website.

Our Web Writing Guidelines (PDF) expand on these principles, including information on tone, read-ability, writing examples, goals, and analysis. A Sample Persona Template (PDF) is an example of a detailed audience profile with needs, motivations, behaviors, etc. Use this as a starting point for defining your target audience(s). The more concrete data you have that can determine the basis for your personas, the more you can specifically target your communication and connect with your audience.

Additional resources will be added over time; however if you and your department have questions or need additional resources for writing, contact Art Hill.