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Fantasy and Fairy Tales

  Disparate Conocido--Que Guerrero!, 1816
Francisco de Goya
Aquatints, prints
Museum Purchase

Don't let the title fool you, this isn't an exhibition about love stories and happy endings. Most fairy tales and folk tales were cleaned up for children, but originally contained stories of violence and vengeance. The prints selected for this exhibition show the dark undercurrents of original folk tales from the 18th century onward. All of the prints included in the exhibition are from the museum's collection.

The prints are connected in multiple ways, one of which is the technique of aquatint. "What unites many of these prints is aquatint. It's used by Francisco de Goya in the late eighteenth century and Kiki Smith in the twenty-first century," said Director Peter Blume. The aquatint process consists of heating and cooling metal with applications of resin, which adds roughness and texture to the image. The final result will consist of many gradations of tone, accomplished through acid baths and varnish. "What we see are gray tones in the print, as well as lighter tones on the horizon," explains Blume.

A second connection among the prints is the inclusion of three generations of female artists. The exhibition includes Paula Rego, Kiki Smith, and Peregrine Honig, all of whom bring a feminist sensibility to the topic of the darker folk tales. Other artists that will also have prints on display include James Ensor, Emil Nolde, and Pablo Picasso.

Exhibition Date: January 16, 2009 - March 22, 2009

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