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Modern and Contemporary Prints

Blue, 2004
Pat Steir
Purchase: Ball Brothers Foundation
Legacy Endowment for the Museum of Art

The patient progress of building a collection is ongoing. Sometimes works of art enter the collection after years of stalking and sometimes they come as a complete surprise as an unexpected gift or bequest. The prints in this selection have all been acquired since 2007. Representing the archival collection of the late Arthur Deshaies are three prints that date back to 1959. Deshaies was one of the last great innovators working independently of commercial publishers that changed the making and marketing of prints in the 1960s. Another print, by the great David Dreisbach, was made in 1970. Both of these gifts have come to the museum as a result of the dedication and generosity of Ned and Gloria Griner. Two portfolios recently given to the museum by Ball State professor David Johnson, contain works by the same artists—the first was made in 1990, the second was made in 2010. A selection of these is included to demonstrate that printmaking is alive and flourishing in academic situations across the country in spite of a tsunami of electronic image-making in these same decades.

Most of the prints included in this selection post-date 2002. Several are politically engaged addressing human rights, animal rights, or environmental issues; others are more formally conceived. The purpose of this exhibition is present a variety of acquisitions in the field of contemporary art, immediate in their urgency to address, without sentimentality, contemporary issues.

Exhibition Date: December 16, 2011 - February 26, 2012

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