David Owsley Museum of Art

What is Look to Learn?

Look to Learn is a tested classroom-based program, especially for elementary students, using Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) for developing language arts and critical thinking skills through viewing, discussing, and writing about works of art from museums around the world, including the David Owsley Museum of Art in Muncie, Indiana.

The program improves critical thinking and language arts core competencies.

What do teachers say about Look to Learn?Every month students and teacher leaders talk about three works of art using a simple structured method to facilitate open-ended discussions.

“...creates better listening and dialogue skills for teachers and students.”

“Helps students be more observant.”

“The simplicity helps with continued and generalized application.”

“Increases critical thinking”

What do students say about Look to Learn?

“I think this has helped me say what I think and be able to talk in front of people.”

“I look more closely and for many more details than I did in the fall. I learned that every little detail matters.”

“...I have improved on putting myself in others’ shoes.”

What do parents say about Look to Learn?

“...to take away the label and let someone have a fresh look at the image, I think, is a healthy way to look at art, people, many things.”

“Learn to reserve judgment until you’ve considered a wide range of possibilities. That’s how I’d like to view art — to think.”

How can we participate?

Discuss participation with core staff members.

Determine the student population and discussion leaders.

Consider if there are up to 2 hours for discussion and up to 1 hour for preparation each month.

For 2012–2013 there is no cost to participate due to the generous support of the Ball Brothers Foundation.

Contact Tania Said at 765-285-3372 or tsaid@bsu.edu for more information.

Or view the brochure here

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