David Owsley Museum of Art

Tour Topics

Tours of the David Owsley Museum of Art can be designed to fit your group's specific needs and interests or to relate to current classroom topics. Some examples are provided below.

University Classes

  • Students in 100-level English classes participate in discussions that seek to describe the narrative content of a series of paintings. Later, students return to select a work and write about it using some of the techniques from the discussion.
  • A world literature class visits the museum to study objects from Nigeria while reading a novel by a Nigerian author.
  • Math classes participate in museum sessions during which they study and discuss how mathematical principles inform the composition of works of art.
  • Western civilization classes study how artistic production expressed the ideals and aspirations of Europeans and Americans at various times throughout their history.

School Groups

Tour Topics

Tours can be customized around specific disciplines or themes. We ask for at least three weeks to allow our docents to plan your visit. 

For more information or to discuss tour options, please contact Cathy Bretz, cabretz@bsugmail.net , 765-285-3371.

Current Available tour topics include. . .

  • History of the Museum and Collection
  • The Museum as a Learning Resource
  • Images of Buddha
  • Introduction to Modern Art Modern Design in Decorative Arts
  • Mythology in Art
  • Native American Art
  • Portraits in the Collection
  • Pre-Columbian Art
  • Religious Art
  • Renaissance Art
  • Sculpture in the Collection
  • The Art of France
  • Visual Rhetoric: Communicating Through Art
  • Visual Thinking Strategies/Critical Thinking in Museums
  • Women in Art
  • Writing about Art