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Current bylaws of the David Owsley Museum of Art Alliance:

Article I: Name

The name of the organization is David Owsley Museum of Art Alliance (hereafter referred to as "Alliance" and "Museum").

Article II: Purpose

To increase the effectiveness of the Museum as a cultural center by stimulating public interest in the collection, exhibitions, and programs; by planning special activities that will lead to enlarged membership; by carrying out projects that will increase the Museum's revenues for operation and for the acquisition of works of art; by providing hospitality and entertainment for distinguished guests and lecturers of the Museum; and by cooperating with staff of the Museum in such other areas as are determined from time to time to be appropriate for action by the Alliance.

Article III: Membership

Section I. Qualifications
Members in the Alliance must be members of the Friends of the David Owsley Museum of Art (hereafter referred to as "Friends").

Section II.
Any member of the Friends is eligible to become an Alliance member upon payment of Alliance dues. The Alliance membership year shall run from May 1 through April 30 of each year.

Section III. Payment of Dues
Membership initiated on or before February 29 will be assessed full annual dues in May. Membership initiated after February 29 will be carried forward to May of the following year.

Section IV. Classification of Membership: Active, Sustaining, and Special

A. Active members shall pay annual dues of $15.00 per year and contribute to specified volunteer hours in Museum work or related projects.

B. Sustaining members shall pay annual dues of $40.00 per year and may be asked to assist on one committee during the year.

C. Special members.

1. Honorary members
The board may under special circumstances name honorary Alliance members. Such a designation carries the full privileges of regular membership. Honorary members do not pay dues.

2. Liaison members
The President and Third Vice President shall represent the Alliance on the Executive Committee of the Friends.

3. Ex-officio members
The Director of the Museum or his/her designee shall become an ex-officio member of the Alliance without voting privileges.

Article IV: Meeting of the Membership

Section I. Place of Meeting
The Alliance will meet on the second Wednesday of each month during the school year at the Museum or other designated location.

Section II. Speaker's Fee

The fee for each meeting will include the luncheon and a speaker’s monthly meeting fee, which will be set yearly by the Alliance Executive Committee. This fee is cumulative, to be used to pay speakers as needed and raise funds for museum acquisitions and projects.

Section III. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the membership will be held during the last regular meeting of the school year.

Section IV. Voting at the Meeting
Each Active, Sustaining, and Special member shall have the right to one vote at all meetings of the Alliance providing they have been a member for one year.

Section V. Quorum
A two-thirds majority of voting members present shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting providing ten days' notice of the pending meeting is provided to the membership.

Article V: Officers of the Alliance and Executive Committee

Section I. The Officers
The officers of the Alliance shall be a President, a First and Second Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall perform the duties customary to their offices (see below) and shall assume specified Committee Chairmanships (see Article VI, Standing Committees, Section I). They shall take office at the regular June meeting. The first Vice President shall become President. The past President shall remain as advisor.

Section II. Duties of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Advisor
(For duties of the First and Second Vice President, see Article VI, Committees, Section II, Committee Chairpersons and Duties.)

A. President
The President is to provide conceptual leadership to the Alliance. The President in conjunction with the officers and members ensures that the purpose of the organization is realized and that the Alliance remains a viable ongoing organization. The President is also a member of the Friends Executive Committee.

B. Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records of the Alliance. The Treasurer oversees the collection and recording of membership dues and other income, and monitors all expenditures. The Treasurer may appoint an Assistant Treasurer and, if desirable, may form a Financial Committee.

C. Advisor
The immediate past President shall serve as Advisor to the officers and members of the Alliance. The Advisor shall provide the benefit of experience and thereby assist in providing consistency within the organization.

Section III. The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Treasurer. They shall meet on a regular basis to set policy and to deal with such other matters as may be necessary. The committee shall act as an advisory council for the President.

Section IV. Term of Office
Any officer may serve no more than three consecutive terms in the same office. A term of office shall be considered to be one year.

Section V. Nominations

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the immediate past President as Chairperson and two additional members to be appointed from the membership by the current President. Nominations for officers will be voted on at the annual meeting and announced in the previous newsletter.

Article VI: Standing Committees

Section I. Standing Committee Chairpersons and Duties
The Chairperson(s) of a Standing Committee may appoint an Assistant Chairperson and if desirable may form a committee.

A. The First Vice President shall be Program Chairperson.
The Program Chairperson together with the Director of the David Owsley Museum of Art or his/her designee and the committee shall secure programs for each meeting of the Alliance. The Program Chairperson shall secure the chairpersons and committee members to serve at the monthly meetings. In addition, the Program Chairperson, together with the Alliance officers, may gather suggestions from the membership for speakers and present these to the Director of the Museum or his/her designee in a timely manner. The membership booklet will be distributed at or before the September meeting.

B. The Second Vice President shall be Newsletter and Publicity Chairperson.
The Newsletter and Publicity Chairperson with the assistance of the Director of the David Owsley Museum of Art or his/her designee and the committee are to author the newsletter on a monthly basis, September through June. A summer edition is published in July for July and August. In addition, all publicity to radio, television (channel 49), newspapers, Emens lobby marquees, etc., is handled by the Chairperson and committee where appropriate. The Chairperson, along with the Secretary, oversees the yearly generation and maintenance of the Alliance archives and ensures that the information is added to the Museum archives in a timely manner.

Section II. Special Committees
In addition to the nominating committee and the committees listed on the previous page, the President may form and appoint chairpersons for those committees necessary for the sound operation of the Alliance.

Article VII: Guests

Section I. Attendance at Meetings

A. Guests who are residents of Delaware County are permitted at only two meetings. Members bringing guests should ascertain that the guest is interested in joining the Alliance. One meeting a year shall be designated as the annual guest meeting.

B. Any out-of-town guest may attend any regular monthly meeting. The monthly luncheon chairman should be notified.

Section II. University Guests
Two guest places will be available to administrators, faculty, or students from the university each month. The Director of the Museum will be in charge of these places.

Article VIII: Amendment

These bylaws may be altered, added to, amended, or repealed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members at any regular meeting providing that written notification of the proposed change has been submitted to the membership as recorded in the roster membership at least thirty days prior to the meeting.

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