David Owsley Museum of Art

Friends Bylaws

Current bylaws of the Friends of the David Owsley Museum of Art:

Approved March 2012

I. Name

The organization shall be known as the Friends of the David Owsley Museum of Art (hereafter referred to as Friends).

II. Purpose

The purpose of the Friends shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in strengthening the David Owsley Museum of Art (hereafter referred to as Museum), enhancing its collections, and promoting its usefulness to the Ball State University, the Muncie-area community, Indiana, and beyond.

III. Membership

Membership to the Friends shall be open to all persons who make an annual financial contribution, or its in-kind equivalent, to the Museum. Minimum and various levels of contributions shall be fixed from time-to-time by the Executive Committee.
Members of Art Alliance may be members of the Friends for a contribution to the Museum of an amount established by the Friends that is over and above their Alliance dues.

IV. Leadership

General leadership of the Friends of the Museum shall be vested in an Executive Committee of no fewer than nine persons elected by the Executive Committee for terms of three years, staggered in such a way as to insure continuity of membership. Current members of the Committee shall elect replacements for members whose terms are expiring or as vacancies occur. Members of the Executive Committee may serve up to three consecutive terms.

The following persons shall serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Committee, Director of the David Owsley Museum of Art, the President of David Owsley Museum of Art Alliance, the Vice President for University Advancement or his/her designee, the Dean of the College of Fine Arts or his/her designee, and the President of Muncie Art Students’ League.

V. Officers

The members of the Executive Committee shall elect from their own membership a person to serve as Chair and person to serve as Vice Chair. The Director of the David Owsley Museum of Art shall serve as Secretary; he or she may designate a staff member to fulfill routine duties of the office. The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall serve one-year terms and may be re-elected.

All terms of office shall be from July 1 to June 30. The Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly, and other meetings may be called from time-to-time by the Chairman.

VI. Function of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will undertake financial development programs to enhance acquisitions, exhibitions, and programs, and to meet other needs as identified.

The Executive Committee supports in letter and in principle the David Owsley Museum of Art Code of Ethics dated May 1998.

Prior to the Benefactors’ Dinner, the Executive Committee shall produce for the membership a report detailing the work of the Committee and its progress during the previous year and a list of members. If possible the report should contain the annual financial report or the latest available financial figures.

VII. Qualifications and Duties of Members of the Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are expected to: 

  • attend Executive Committee meetings and participate in and support Museum activities;
  • actively promote the welfare of the Museum through his/her influence in the community;
  •  contribute to the Museum’s annual fund;
  • actively solicit funds from individuals, businesses, and/or foundations; serve on at least one sub-committee during each fiscal year, and
  • serve on an ad hoc committee to which the Chair may reasonably make an appointment
  • make an annual contribution of $100 (or in-kind equivalent) to the Museum

VIII. Sub-Committees

The sub-committees help carry out the work of the Friends and members will be appointed as needed. The following are the Standing Sub-Committees: Bylaws, Hospitality, Membership, and Nominations. Ad hoc committees to help in carrying out the work of the Friends will be appointed as necessary by the Chair.

Duties of the Sub-Committees:

Bylaws Sub-Committee

  • continue to review the Bylaws to keep them current enough to maintain an efficiently operating Executive Committee;
  • solicit input from members concerning changes in the Bylaws;
  • present amendments to the Committee in compliance with Section IX of the Bylaws.

Hospitality Sub-Committee

  • plan programs to enhance the mission of the Museum and exposure of the Museum to the community so that a new Friends base of members will be formed.
  • continue the Friday with Friends reception program and/or conduct other receptions and social activities determined by the Executive Committee;
  • seek groups to be invited to the Friday With Friends and other receptions and programs;
    develop, in coordination with the President of the Alliance, opportunities for the Alliance to be of help to the Museum
  • suggest to the Executive Committee ideas for other outreach and development activities.

Membership Sub-Committee

  • seek community individuals, families, and corporations to become Friends of theMuseum. A membership is obtained by giving a contribution to the Friends.
  • seek funds from corporations, individuals, and families to sponsor exhibits.
  • prepare and arrange for the distribution of information on anything relating to promoting the Museum.

Nominations Sub-Committee (4 members minimum)

  • prepare a slate of candidates for any anticipated vacancies on the Executive Committee thirty days in advance of election. Candidates should be sought from Friends’ membership.
  • prepare a slate of candidates for vacancies anticipated in the offices of Chairman and Vice Chairman. Candidates should be sought with at least one term of experience on the Executive Committee.
  • following the elections, conduct an orientation of new members and officers before their first meeting.
    slates are to be prepared for the March meeting and voted on at the May meeting.

IX. Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws shall be approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Committee at any meeting of the Executive Committee, provided that notice of consideration of the proposed amendment(s) has been given in writing at least seven calendar days in advance of the meeting.
(As amended, 9/15/98, 07/06/00, 03/15/05, 3/5/07, 1/12/09, 3/12/12)

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