David Owsley Museum of Art

Visitor Information and Guidelines

Admission to the David Owsley Museum of Art is free and open to the public year-round. Regular hours are:

  • Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday–Sunday, 1:30-4:30 p.m.

The museum is closed on major holidays and additional university holidays. Business office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday–Friday (7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the summer).

Museum Location

The David Owsley Museum of Art occupies much of the recently renovated Fine Arts Building, located along Riverside Avenue at Warwick Road in the heart of the Ball State campus. The museum's main entrance faces the wooded Old Quadrangle. A new secondary entrance facing Riverside Avenue includes a decorative staircase leading to the museum's main level.

General Policies

Please remember the following guidelines during your visit to the Ball State University Museum of Art:

  • Parcels, briefcases, backpacks, and umbrellas must be placed in the coatroom or in lockers located near the museum information desk.
  • Food, beverages, and smoking are not permitted in the museum.
  • Do not touch the works of art.
  • Photographs for personal use may be taken without flash only in the collection galleries. All photographers must check in at the information desk.

Special Needs

Barrier-free access to the museum is available through the ground level of the Fine Arts Building. The museum also has special programs for the visually impaired. Please contact us if you or someone in your group needs assistance.

School Group Guidelines

We look forward to your visit to the David Owsley Museum of Art. In order to make your visit it more enjoyable and beneficial, please note the following information.

Preparing for your visit

It is important to prepare your students by reviewing the Museum Visit Guidelines with them. Please share the information with all teachers and adults who will be accompanying the students.

Tours of the Museum

If you would like to view specific works of art or exhibitions, or if your students will be given an assignment related to their museum visit, please let us know ahead of time (use the special instructions area of the online request form). If you have an assignment you wish to use, we highly recommend you check the work of art is on view as anticipated. You are also welcome to schedule a pre-visit appointment with a staff member to discuss your planned activity.

Museum Visit Guidelines

  • Students will be greeted and given a brief introduction to the museum. Most groups will be greeted in the Sculpture Court however this is subject to change depending on the size of the group and nature of the visit. Please check your tour confirmation message for more information.
  • We will provide clipboards and pencils for writing and sketching activities as needed. Pens and markers are not to be used in the galleries.
  • No one should be drinking, eating, or chewing gum during the museum visit.
  • Non-flash photography, for personal use, is permitted in the galleries with the exception of special exhibition areas. Consult a docent or museum guard for more information.
  • Coats, backpacks, and umbrellas must be placed in the coatroom or in free lockers located in the coatroom.
  • For safety, and to preserve the collection, we ask all visitors to not touch or lean against works of art and display cases in the galleries. Human hands can transfer dirt and oils to delicate surfaces, leading to damage over time.
  • We reserve the right to ask a student who is not following the guidelines to not participate in the class visit. We will ask a teacher or chaperone to stay with the student near the museum entrance until the visit is over.

Group Size

Guided Tours are limited to (25) students. Groups exceeding 25 will be divided into smaller groups. Smaller groups of young students may also be divided.


We request that you have at least two adults with each group of twenty-five students. Teachers and chaperones should be present during the visit and should understand that we expect their assistance with activities and student behavior.


Designate a lead teacher or chaperone who will meet with tour leaders upon arrival to review the tour plan and any logistical issues.

Plan to arrive no later than 15 minutes beyond the scheduled tour time. Tours are led by volunteers; we do not require them to wait more than 15 minutes for a group to arrive, although many of them will if their schedule allows. Any group arriving later may forfeit the opportunity for a guided tour.


If you must cancel your visit for any reason, please notify the museum, 765-285-5242, as soon as possible.

Name Tags

We like to call students by their first names. Please provide a large, easy-to-read name tag for each student in your group. We would also appreciate name tags for teachers and adult chaperones.

Special Education

In order to enhance the Museum experience for all ages and abilities, please describe (use the special instructions area of the online request form) any special education needs in your group: physical, sensory, behavioral, and/or cognitive. Elevators are available for accessibility.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are located on the second floor of the Fine Arts building, near the Museum entrance and at the west end of the third floor. Additional restrooms are centrally located near the vending machines on the first floor. As our restroom facilities are not limited, please encourage students to take a restroom break before traveling to the museum.


Limited bag-lunch facilities are available in the Arts and Journalism building for school groups. Reservations must be arranged in advance at the request of Museum of Art staff on behalf of the group and are subject to availability.

The room has a maximum capacity of 60, which must be considered in scheduling the room for groups exceeding 60 students and adults. If you would like to reserve bag-lunch space for your group, contact Cathy Bretz, cabretz@bsugmail.net, 765-285-3371,

For groups wishing to purchase meals, dining options are available across campus with two locations in easy walking distance of the museum: the Atrium (5-10 minutes) and Student Center Tally Food Courts (5-10 minutes). Please see Dining Services for location and hours.