Transition to Teaching

The Transition to Teaching (TTT) Program at Ball State University is designed for highly motivated and qualified individuals who seek an Indiana teaching license after having completed an academic degree and experience in another field.

The elementary program is designed to give intensive field experiences to the teacher candidates while they are completing distance and on-campus courses and seminars.

Ball State is committed to providing a quality program that prepares candidates to meet all the requirements of licensure and the Indiana standards for teaching. The TTT Program allows competent professionals in fields other than teaching an option for obtaining a license to teach in the state of Indiana.

For information on this program, please contact Shawn Sriver. 
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Transition to Teaching Program in Elementary Education 
The elementary TTT Program consists of 3 semesters, which include 24 hours of coursework and field experiences. Each cohort group begins in the summer with courses on campus at Ball State. During the fall and spring, students complete guided and intensive field experiences and on-line coursework.