Bursar and Loan Adminstration

Complete Your Online Promissory Note

Below you will find all information pertaining to the acceptance and authorization of your Perkins Loan. To ensure timely disbursement of this loan to your student account, it is important that you immediately read and complete this online process. Your loan cannot be disbursed until all electronic documents are accurately completed. Earlier completion of this requirement will ensure that your Perkins Loan disburses quickly. The electronic procedure for Perkins borrowers is as follows:

Please Note: Your FAFSA PIN # is required to complete this process. If you do not have a valid PIN, you must request one at the Department of Education's PIN site.

  • Log on to ECSI's website.
  • Confirm your Social Security Number. Add your permanent address, date of birth, telephone number and your Driver's License number (if you do not have a Driver's License, state so in box).
  • When requested, provide your PIN on the Student Authentication Network page.
  • Most pages require that you accept the terms by checking a box at the bottom.
  • You must provide complete reference information of yourself, your next of kin (a relative), and two additional references. Failure to complete all lines accurately will hinder the disbursement process.
  • Completely read the Promissory Note. Once you have read it you must electronically sign it at the bottom of the page. The electronic signature includes a check-off box plus your full legal name.

By completing this online process, it is not necessary to complete the paper process. The Bursar and Loan Administration Office will review your electronic promissory note before any monies are disbursed.

If you have questions please call 765-285-5822 or email Dennis Swartz.

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