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academic degrees The types of degrees that may be earned at Ball State include associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and specialist in education. Doctorate or doctoral degree is usually preferred over the abbreviation PhD and others. Do not use Dr. before a name, unless for a medical doctor. The degree is always lowercase. For alumni identification, use an apostrophe and the last two digits of the graduation year. Initials for bachelor’s degrees can be omitted in most cases but should be used for advanced degrees. Use spaces to separate multiple degrees.
Ex.: James Dean, who has a master’s degree in biology, said …
Ex.: James Dean, who earned a bachelor of science in biology, said …
Ex: James Dean, ’85 MS ’89, said …
Ex.: James Dean, PhD not Dr. James Dean

academic titles Capitalize academic titles before a name. Lowercase after. Lowercase professor or instructor when used before the name as a job description. The four faculty rankings at Ball State, from highest to lowest, are professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor. It is important to be specific when identifying a faculty member by academic rank. When describing the nature of a faculty member’s employment, use one of two terms: tenure track or contract. See also: courtesy titles, titles, contract, and tenure.

acronyms Use sparingly. Do not use on first reference if not immediately recognizable by the reader. Almost all organizations should be spelled out on first reference and then designated within parenthesis. (Note: This is an exception to AP Style.) Ex.: Student Government Association (SGA) on first reference, SGA on second.
Instead of acronyms, use the group or the organization on second reference as long as it is not confusing. Ex.: Instead of the AASA is sponsoring the event, say the group is sponsoring the event.

administration, Ball State See and select administration for current senior staff members, their office locations, and phone numbers.

advisor, adviser Advisor is preferred for most Ball State publications. In news releases, use adviser, which follows AP style.

Administration Building, Frank A. Bracken Oldest building on campus was renamed in 2010 to honor Frank A. Bracken, whose term on the Ball State Board of Trustees, 1980–2011, is the longest ever. Bracken Administration Building acceptable on second reference and in envelope addresses.

African-American, black See race, ethnicity.

all caps Within text, avoid using all capital letters for an organization, product, event, etc. that is not an acronym. We will acknowledge trademarks, etc., by capitalizing the initial letter only in most cases. Also avoid using all caps for emphasis. See also emphasis.

Allegrè restaurant Located in the Applied Technology Building. Food is prepared by students in the Quantity Food Production class in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. The students serve meals to the public once a week.

alumni Plural form of word referring to male graduates or a group of men and women graduates. Other terms are alumnus (male singular), alumna (female singular), alumnae (female plural). Alum (either male or female) is acceptable in some cases. Don’t use alums.

Alumnus Publication for Ball State alumni uses AP style with the exception of serial commas and composition titles. The latter follows the same style as other marketing communications.

and, ampersand (&) And is preferred. Exception: If the ampersand is part of a proper name or if space is extremely limited such as the headline in an ad or a table.

area codes Always list area codes with phone numbers. Do not use parenthesis for area code.
Ex: 765-285-1560 or 800-482-4BSU. Note: Hyphens are consistent with AP Style.

Arts Terrace Lawn on the Quad, south of the David Owsley Museum of Art and north of Beneficence. See also: Quad.

Art, School of Formerly Department of Art,

Arts and Communications Building Not Art and Communication Building.

Art and Journalism Building Not Arts and Journalism Building.

Asian See race, ethnicity.

associate degree Note no apostrophe S.

Atrium Food court in the Art and Journalism Building.

attribution See: said, says.

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