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Panhellenic Council Governing body of Ball State’s sororities. See National Panhellenic

acceptable in all references for Portable Document Format. In Web copy, please indicate if a hyperlink connects to a PDF in this manner (PDF).

Spell out instead of using % symbol (exception where space is extremely limited such as ad headlines and tables). Use figures instead of spelling out numbers. Ex.: 3 percent

No periods. Doctorate or doctoral degree preferred. See academic degrees.

philanthropy, philanthropic
Use philanthropy as a noun for the act of doing a good deed. Do not use philanthropic as an adjective for a specific event.

phone numbers Always include the area code and use this format: 765-555-4444 ext. 27. If the phone number includes a word, list both the word and the number and use this format: 866-953-BOLD (2653).

photo credits Use Ball State University Photo Services for photos shot by Photo Services. If photos are provided, use Courtesy of …

Princeton Review Use plain, not italics. This is a company, not a publication.

Typically lowercase. Ex.: Freshman Connections program.

provost The university’s chief academic officer and the vice president for academic affairs. The provost acts as an advisor to the president, works with deans and faculty, coordinates and evaluates academic programs, and serves as a liaison with other academic institutions and with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Capitalize title before name. Lowercase after.

Provost Immersive Learning Grant
Ball State internal grant, formerly called the Provost Initiative Grant, to provide startup funds for immersive learning projects. Money can be used to fund an entire project, equipment, some travel, and buyouts.

Pruis, John J Former Ball State president. Note no period after the middle initial.

publication titles, see composition titles.

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