Working Well

November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016

IT'S BACK! Ball State University's Working Well Program is once again excited to offer wellness incentives to benefit eligible employees, covered spouses, or same sex domestic partners. Aimed to help you live a healthy lifestyle there are 2 incentive programs, the BeWell and the LiveWell.  These are separate programs and you are encouraged to participate in both!  

BeWell Program

Whether you perceive yourself to be healthy or ill, establishing a relationship with your family physician is very important. This incentive rewards you for completing your annual physical and age appropriate screenings as part of your personal health plan. 

To qualify for the BeWell  Program, follow 2 simple steps:

BeWell Reward: Upon completion of steps 1 & 2, you will receive $50 in your December 2016 paycheck.

*Email verification was sent out on 12/15 to employees who qualified for the BeWell incentive between 11/1/14-10/31/15.  If you did not receive an email but completed the required steps, please contact Working Well at 285-9355.  

*In order to receive the $50 reward, you must be enrolled in Ball State's health insurance plan. 

LiveWell Program

The LiveWell incentive encourages you to participate in a variety of ongoing health and wellness activities that help you live a healthy lifestyle. Track your activities and accumulate 20 points to receive a Ball State voucher of your choice and the opportunity to purchase a FitBit Flex for the half the retail price. 

How to qualify for the LiveWell  Program: 

Once you have completed 20 points you are eligible to receive one of the following vouchers:

Still have questions? Click here for a list of Question and Answers

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