C. Ann Blakey

Associate Professor

CL 226b  Phone: 765-285-8841  

Department of Biology
Ball State University
Cooper Life Science Building, CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306

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University of Missouri, Ph.D. ,1993
Texas A&M University, M.Sc
Texas A&M University, B.Sc.

Research Interests
Plant geneticsĀ and genome analysis


  • elucidation of the genetics, evolution, reproduction, and patterns and mechanisms of development of Tripsacum, a distant relative of Zea mays ssp. mays (modern maize), utilizing maize as a model system
  • utilization of Tripsacum as a genetic resource for maize disease resistance genes and an alternative food source
  • current techniques used include those of molecular biology/genetics (RFLP, RAPD/PCR, DAMD/PCR) and classical genetics, and comparative genome analyses


C.A. Blakey, D. Costich, V. Sokolov, M.N. Islam-Faridi. 2007. Tripsacum Genetics: From Observations Along a River to Molecular Genomices Maydica 52:81-99