Degree Requirements

This degree requires 30 hours of graduate courses. Each student is required to write a thesis, which fulfills 6 hours of the 30-hour requirement. In a normal course of study, students are required to determine the thesis topic and committee by the end of the second semester. The completed thesis document is subject to approval by the committee following a public oral defense.

Course Description

1. Approved graduate electives in geology: 6 hours

2. An approved minor in a second discipline, or GEOL and/or other electives approved by the geology graduate advisor: 9 hours

3. Thesis, THES 698 Thesis (1-6) - 6 hours

4. Geology seminar requirements - 9 hours from below

GEOL 605 - Seminar in Stratigraphy
GEOL 610 - Seminar in Sedimentary Petrology
GEOL 626 - Seminar in Tectonics
GEOL 660 - Seminar in Advanced Hydrogeology
GEOL 670 - Seminar in Environmental Geochemistry
GEOL 671 - Seminar in Geomorphology