What if the David Letterman Communication and Media Building had existed when Letterman was a Ball State student in the 1960s? Letterman says he might have never left campus.

"If you had an opportunity to work at this place, why would you want to go anywhere?" the Late Show host said during an interview on WCRD, the student-run radio station. "…The people who get to teach here and the people who get to work here, I just hope they appreciate and know how lucky they are. It's an unbelievable place…Wall to wall, the campus is amazing."

Letterman, a member of the class of 1969, was at Ball State on September 7, 2007, for the dedication of the $21 million, leading-edge building bearing his name.

The building encloses about 75,000 square feet of classroom, studio, and faculty office space. In addition to housing Indiana Public Radio and WCRD, it supports the communication studies, journalism, and telecommunications departments, the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, and the Center for Media Design.

Students have access to equipment found in most of the top production houses and film studios in Hollywood, New York, and London. They also have a great place to showcase their work: a 30-seat screening room featuring a high-definition projection system and surround sound.

"There may be communication schools around the country as good as that one," Letterman said on The Oprah Winfrey Show days after the dedication, "but there certainly are not schools any better than that."