Looking for the Saturday night hot spot? 

Late Nite at L.A. Pittenger Student Center is more than any person would expect, offering something new and entertaining each Saturday night. The renovated Student Center is comfortable, spacious, and provides students with an on-campus place to go to escape the stress of the classroom. Even better: it’s free for Ball State students (and only $5 for their guests).

“On average, we have 1,000 or so students who attend Late Nite,” says Hannah Harrison, assistant director of programs.

Harrison’s been an active participant in Late Nite since its inception in 2001. Harrison, '05 MA '07, was a freshman studying business administration and educational dance when she and her roommate thought they’d give it a try. One time and she was hooked.

While Late Nite is popular throughout the entire academic year, favorite events include Welcome Weekend, Family Weekend, and the Carnival. With creative ideas developed by the Late Nite Advisory Board, these particular nights are guaranteed to be successful. "The Late Nite Advisory Board assists in creating novel ideas to incorporate into events and the program overall," Harrison says.

Guests will delight in these novel ideas for the 2011-2012 Late Nite themes. For instance, they celebrated Late Nite's 10th birthday on Welcome Weekend by attending 10 different parties, which included a beach party, stoplight party, and New Year's Eve party—all in one night.

For Disney fans, dreams can come true at "Disney's Wonderful World of Late Nite" on Family Weekend, Friday, Sept. 23 – Sunday, Sept. 25. Students can bring their families to experience an environment filled with classic Disney movies and characters.

Although all of these Late Nite themes are popular, the biggest event of the year is the Carnival. The annual festivity takes place in April near the end of the spring semester and is always attended by eager guests thrilled to experience the rides, games, and food on Ball State's campus.

Known as the best bash on campus, Late Nite is an enjoyable and popular resource to Ball State's vibrant campus. Students revel together to have a safe and entertaining Saturday night.

“It quickly becomes addictive,” Harrison says. “Late Nite gives people a place to go and hang out with friends. It doesn’t cost any money, and they can do things they have never done before, all close to campus."