Council for Alumni and Student Engagement

The Council for Alumni and Student Engagement (CASE) is an official university student organization, sponsored by the Ball State University Foundation to educate current Ball State students on the importance and impact that philanthropy and alumni engagement have on the future of Ball StateUniversity. CASE links students with alumni, provides leadership opportunities, and builds pride through annual events and campus traditions.

CASE members volunteer at various alumni events, including Homecoming, CharlieTown home football game tailgates, regional alumni outings, reunions, and more!

Applications for membership are being accepted now through Friday, February 5 at 4:00pm. Interviews will be held the week of February 8.

Some of CASE's projects include:

Each member is assigned to a committee which coordinates different events and programs. CASE meets every other Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. at the Alumni Center. Follow us on Facebook!

2016 CASE Members:

Jennifer Firoved  Megan Forbing
Lucy Clements Abelline Fionah Jennifer Firoved  Meghan Forbing

 Jake Griffin
Jennifer Fry Jessica Fry
Vice President
Michelle Garland
 Jake Griffin

Laura Moynahan

 Delisa Plummer
Lindsey Harrell Laura Moynahan Mackenzie Parks  Delisa Plummer
Morgan Tarlton Katie Wolfert
Hailey Reynolds
Morgan Tarlton Amber Umila  Katie Wietbrock

Katie Wolfert

Jonathon Wilson Katie Wirth Katie Wolfert
Marketing Director