The mission of these services is to increase interaction with alumni of our social sororities and fraternities and assist each individual alumni group with its particular programs. For further information on these services, please contact the Alumni Association. Social Greek alumni organizations can receive a number of benefits/services from the Ball State University Alumni Association, including, but not limited to the following:

The Alumni Association will offer administrative assistance, as requested, which includes but is not limited to printing labels, providing name tags, production of flyers, outing/event coordination, maintaining an RSVP list as reservations are received, and a professional and support staff person assigned as liaison to the group.

Each organization is eligible to receive event publicity in the Ball State Alumnus magazine. In addition, news releases will be sent to area and statewide newspapers, as well as Campus Update (BSU employee newspaper).

The Alumni Association will assist with securing facilities (campus buildings, tents, off-campus sites), banners, table decorations, and photographs for events, in addition to financial record keeping.

Alumni Association staff members or university officials will attend events, programs, reunions, and outings at no cost to the social Greek organization.

The Alumni Association will furnish the organization with mailing labels or membership data. The Greek organization may request the method by which it would like each set of labels generated (e.g. zip code, graduation year, alphabetical).

Brochures or informational pieces for the events, programs, reunions, etc., will be mailed by the Alumni Association using its bulk rate, non-profit permit. The sponsoring social Greek organization will reimburse the Alumni Association for all mailing expenses incurred.

The Alumni Association will provide special prizes at organization events, programs, etc., for raffle purposes/door prizes.

The Alumni Association will provide assistance with updating and cross-referencing chapter lists with current university data.

The Ball State University Alumni Association will not furnish certain benefits/services to social Greek organizations, including, but not limited to the following:

The Alumni Association will not assist any organization with events focused solely on undergraduate members.

There will be no assistance from the Alumni Association with regard to recruitment functions/activities.

Assistance with philanthropic activities (e.g. Bike-a-thon, Watermelon Bust, Powderpuff Football) will not be provided by the Alumni Association.

Fundraising efforts will be executed by the respective chapters without assistance from the Alumni Association, except for data rosters and labels.