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Carol Kosisko
Director of Alumni Engagement, Collegiate Groups
Teachers College

Abigail Nafziger, BS ’13
Teachers College Alumni Society President

When you receive your degree from the Teachers College, you join an accomplished group of more than 31,000 alumni. From the classroom to state educational administration, Teachers College alumni are making names for themselves.

You’re a part of our family.

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Teachers College has many ways to be involved at a school and departmental level. The organized alumni group for the Teachers College is just one of the ways you can give of your time and talent, connect with alumni and impact the current students and curriculum.

Teachers College Alumni Scholarships and Recognition

Teachers College Alumni Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of Teachers College Alumni, ten (10) scholarships are awarded annually to qualified fall semester Freshmen through Senior teaching education majors. Submit your application and two letters of recommendation by the second Friday in May (May 11, 2018).

 Application Criteria

  • Applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • A 3.0 overall grade point average is required.
  • Preferred that applications be typed.
  • Students who have successfully completed DP 2 requirements by the time grades are due in the Spring Semester of the application year.
  • Demonstrated development of skills in the field of education.
  • Other qualities considered are extra-curricular activities, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, educational activities and experiences.
  • Financial need may be considered.
  • Awards shall be made without regard to sex, race, age, national origin or ethnic background.

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Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award is presented to a recent alumna(us), age 40 or under, in recognition of outstanding early career achievement.

Outstanding Alumni Award

The Outstanding Alumni Award is presented to an alumna(us) in recognition of their significant contributions to their field or other area of society.

Career Achievement Award

The Career Achievement Award is presented to an alumna(us) in recognition of outstanding contributions that bring national acclaim and recognition to the Teachers College.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to a non-alumna(us) in recognition of their outstanding service and support for the Teachers College.

Lifetime Award

In recognition of an alumnus who has devoted his/herself to Teachers College. This extremely special award may not necessarily be awarded every year but only when a unique opportunity presents itself.

Patron Award

Given to a benefactor who provides significant financial support to the college.

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Innovative Education Grant

Ball State Teachers College Alumni Society annually awards grant money to graduates of Teachers College or any other educator program at Ball State University who have an innovative idea they would like to implement in a school, classroom, or other area related to education.

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Give to Teachers College

Want to give back to the Teachers College? Your generous philanthropy makes a difference. Give now to see how you can make an impact.

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