Outstanding Black Alumni Award Recipients

Pictured left to right: Jenell Joiner, '65, Paranita Bratton, '78, and Shawn (Wright) Browner, '88. Not pictured: Roland Wiley, BAR69. 

Paranita Bratton, '78. Bratton completed her medical degree in 1983 at Indiana University. She then interned and completed her residency at Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis, IN).  After obtaining certification from the American Board of Family Practice in 1987, Bratton spent 12 years with Humana HMO (Louisville, KY) before opening her own practice in 2004. She was actively involved in professional societies, including the Jefferson County Medical Society and the Kentucky State Medical Association. Bratton retired from Park Duvall Community Health in 2012.
Shawn (Wright) Browner, '88. Browner has directed the career-technical, community and continuing education, and student programs at J. Everett Light Career Center (Indianapolis, IN) since 2006. She is a member of the Association of Career & Technical Education and Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Browner was the 1998-98 Assistant Principal of the Year for Indiana District 7, was awarded the MSD Lawrence Township Schools Honored Educator in 2003, and received the Ball State University Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni Award of Achievement in 2008.

Jenell Joiner, '65. Joiner taught full-time in the Gary school system from 1967 until her retirement in 2011. She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and served on the Black Alumni Constituent Society board of directors from 1998-2009 and the Ball State University Alumni Council from 2001-2010. During her tenure on the BACS board, she and her husband, Bill, were instrumental in the creation of the BACS Endowed Scholarship (Fund #461). Joiner received the Ball State Alumni Association Benny Award for her service to the university in 2011.  Currently, Joiner serves on the broadcast team of her church and volunteers as an intervention specialist for children who require remediation.

Roland Wiley, BAR69. Wiley was a top architectural designer in a well-established Los Angeles law firm. In 1984, Wiley partnered with Steven Lott to create RAW International, an organization dedicated to cultural preservation and sustainable revitalization for underserved urban areas. Wiley also advocates for regional transit investments and volunteers with several faith based community organizations. To that end, Wiley
is the founding chairman of The Manformation Project, a mentorship program serving at-risk young men, and is a founding board member of the non-profit Ward Economic Development Corporation, building housing units for the elderly and low income communities.  

Arthur Lax,’73MA75
Elizabeth "Liz" O’Dell,’71
Robert Jackson, ’50

Sandra Hall Parker, '73
Melvin Johnson, '74
Krishna Thomas Walker, '97

John Hall, '72
Wendy Robinson, EdD96

Sandra Chapman, '86
Paul Kasambira, MA76EdD80
Patzetta Trice, '74

Milbert O. Brown '78
Mary L. Dollison '64MAE74
Eugene G. White 'EdS81EdD82

Sharon Mukes Barnes '75EdD'88
Myland R. Brown EdD'68
Aaron B. Floyd '60

Francesca A. Armmer '73
Thomas (Tim) A. Brown '66
Robert M. Coatie '68MA'72
David H. Miller '63

Sam F. Abram '60MA'66EdD'74
Doris Faulkner Stewart '46MA'55
Mary H. Morgan '51MAE'75

Damon P. Moore '72MAE'76
William E. O'Neal '61MA'65EdD'76
Penny A. Ralston '71

Charles H. Greenwood '56MA'61
Levan R. Scott '58MA'62EdD'73
Harry Watkins AB'33

E. Sharon Banks '69MAE'74EdD'86
Hollis E. Hughes, Jr. '65MA'73
Charles E. Martin, Sr. '67
Mary Etta Rose '37