Ball State University Alumni Association 

Teachers College Alumni Board of Directors 

September 20, 2014

Members Present:  Gwen Adell, Vince Bertram, Alena Bogucki, Bryant Branigan, Jennifer Conti, Betty Gridley, Michelle Harrell, John Jacobson, David McIntosh, Denny Morrison, Laurie Mullen, Abby Savage, and John Zakelj. 

Speaker: Melinda Schoenfeldt

Vince Bertram called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. 

Upon a motion by Betty Gridley and second by Denny Morrison, the June 24, 2014 minutes were approved by voice vote. 

Alumni Council Report 

Gwen Adell gave a brief report on the September, 12, 2014 Alumni Council meeting.  Friday evening prior to the meeting, the Council and staff of Alumni Programs met for a casual gathering at Sursa Hall The group had the opportunity to hear a portion of the Muncie Symphony Orchestra’s rehearsal. The Council meeting covered the Alumni Association’s strategic plan goals.  The goals are:

1. Increase effectiveness through the Alumni Council and staff development. 

2. Develop and implement broad geographic, affinity, collegiate, and professional alumni and student outreach and engagement programs. 

3. Enhance current sources of revenue for, and contributions to, the Alumni Association; and increase the number of those sources. 

4. Review the organizational structure, goals, programs, activities, and services of the alumni association to ensure that they are aligned in such a way as to support the priorities of the university.

The Council also discussed developing mentoring and career servicing programs, increasing geographic chapters, increasing communication with alumni, and increasing revenue for the Alumni Association.

Outgoing Members 

Vince Bertram and Alena Bogucki were presented with plaques as a token of appreciation for their years of service to the Teachers College Alumni Society board.

Teachers College Presentation:  Melinda Schoenfeldt, Center for Economic Education 

The center works with in-service and pre-service teachers to help educate K-12 students in the area about economics.  The goal is to help students become responsible citizens, productive workers, knowledgeable consumers, prudent savers and investors, effective participants in the global economy, and lifelong decision-makers.

The center is a non-profit organization.  The (National) Council for Economic Education based in New York is the primary fundraising organization for the program.  The state council is located at Purdue University. 

Last year’s community outreach partner was the Ross Community Center. Workshops were conducted during a six-week period for students and their families. 

The center received the Exemplary Professional Development Award for excellence in providing workshop and professional learning opportunities for in-service and pre-service teachers.

Election of Offices 

President:  Denny Morrison 

Vice President:  Jennifer Conti 

Secretary:  Abby Savage 

Alumni Council Representative:  Bryant Branigan

Committee Assignments for 2015 

Outstanding Alumni Awards:  Gwen Adell, John Jacobson, Denny Morrison, and Jennifer Conti 

Innovative Grant:  John Zakelj, Kathy Lee, and Wendy Robinson 

Teachers College Alumni Scholarship:  Abby Savage, Betty Gridley, and Bryant Branigan 

Budget and Activities:  David McIntosh and David Chastain 

Upon a motion by Gwen Adell and second by Alena Bogucki, the committee assignments were approved by voice vote.

Review of Constitution and Bylaws 

The following changes were made to the Constitution and Bylaws: 

1.  Article III, Section 2-d:  The title Executive Director was changed to Associate Vice President of Alumni Programs and President and CEO of the Ball State University Alumni Association. 

2. Article III, Section 3-c (2):  The sentence “Under unusual circumstances a board member’s term may be extended for an additional year by a two thirds vote of the Alumni Society Board” was added at the end. 

3. Article V, Section 2:  The words “minimum of two week” was removed from the last sentence.

Upon motion by Denny Morrison and second by Jennifer Conti, the above changes we approved by voice vote. 

*Roles and Responsibilities 

Vince Bertram suggest the creation of mentors or ambassadors would be a way to connect with potential students.  He also suggested adding a graduate level scholarship. 

Dean Jacobson said he would work with the department chairs to create ambassadors.  The alumni society board members could work with chairs that relate to their particular disciplines. 

Gwen Adell suggested that an ambassadors program could be a helpful tool to educate future alumni in becoming future donors.  She also suggested current students would make great ambassadors and could help in recruiting potential new students.

Dean’s Report 

Jacobson reported changes, updates, and accomplishments within the college.  Some of the areas covered included:   

  • Jonathan Maple of Oldenburg Academy in Oldenburg, Indiana received the Ball State Teachers College Innovative Grant this year.  This grant along with a grant from the Decatur County Community Foundation helped to purchase thirty office chairs to be used with the school’s conference room tables allowing the students to actively learn in a simulated real-world business conference room. In addition to the chairs, an Apple TV and a 55” flat screen television was purchased for Maple’s classroom.   
  • Nineteen new faculty members were hired this past year. 
  • Pat Clark is the new department chair for Elementary Education, James Stroud is the interim chairperson for Educational Leadership, and Dawn Miller is the new principal for Burris.
  • Tenure was granted to Gilbert Park, Eric Pierson, and Serena Shalloum. 
  • Outstanding Alumni Award recipients Megan Allen and Lynne Weisenbach will be recognized this year. 

Next Board Meeting 

The next board meeting is Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at the Alumni Center.  Committee meetings will begin at 9:00 a.m., the board meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Lunch to follow. 


The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m., and lunch followed.  Scholarship award recipients attending lunch were Jessica Oldham, Tabitha Simmons, and Suzanne Vantwoud. 

Ball State University Teachers College Alumni Board of Directors Meeting
June 24, 2014 at the Teachers College
Gwen Adell, Derek Berger, Vince Bertram, Gwen Bogucki, Dave Chastain, Jennifer Conti, Betty Gridley, John Jacobson, David McIntosh, Denny Morrison, and Laura Waldron. Guests: Laurie Mullen and Kate Webber.

Call to order
President Bertram called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m. New society members Jennifer Conti and Betty Gridley were welcomed.  

Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the September 13, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved following a voice vote.

Committee Reports
*Nominating –
Jacobson reported that after input and an email vote from the board, Evans Branigan, Jennifer Conti, Betty Gridley, Kathy Lee, Abby Savage, and John Zakelj were elected to the board. Branigan requested more information before making his decision about membership (Note: Branigan accepted after the meeting). Committee assignments were made in advance of this meeting; however, new committee assignments will be available in September.

*Budget – Jacobson recommended the board change the bylaws to rename the Budget Committee the Budget and Activities Committee. This requires a 2/3 vote by the membership. It was noted that there is currently not a board budget, however, this committee could investigate potential activities and prepare a budget request to the dean.  Funds requested would come from the dean’s Fund of Excellence. The board unanimously approved this change to the bylaws following a motion from Chastain and second from Bogucki.

*Scholarship – Bogucki reported that the scholarship committee had gone paperless and saved printing and mailing costs for approximately 90 pages of materials per committee member. Of 19 applications under consideration, nine recipients were selected for $1,000 scholarships. The recipients are: Sumaiyah Ahmad; Samantha Keen; Emily Norton; Jessica Oldham; Amanda Schlarmann; Emily Seibert; Tabitha Simmons; Kristina Smith; and Suzanne Vantwoud. Jacobson will invite the recipients to the luncheon following the September 20 meeting.

*Outstanding – Jacobson noted that the committee considered five applications carried over from 2012, zero from 2013, and three from 2014. After the committee ranked candidates individually, Megan Allen and Lynne Weisenbach were selected as Outstanding Alumni Award recipients. Following a motion from Morrison and second from Chastain, the motion passed unanimously. Jacobson will contact the recipients and invite them to attend the luncheon on September 20. If they are unable to attend, their participation in a Skype call will be requested.

*Innovative Education – Morrison reported on the application received as being one of a fundamental nature. That said, the request successfully established how this funding will allow for collaborative, real world experience in the classroom by setting up a “board room” style environment. Batesville Casket has already donated long tables to replace traditional desks, but new chairs are needed to fully realize the potential of this classroom set-up. Chastain noted that schools often have surplus furniture and he may be able to connect the applicant with additional inventory at a free or reduced cost. Bertram requested that this information be shared with the award recipient in addition to award the grant. The committee should not just provide dollars, but be a resource whenever possible. Chastain agreed. Morrison made the motion to provide Jonathon Maple of Oldenburg Academy with the $500 grant funding and connect with Chastain on other classroom resources. Bogucki moved, Adell seconded, and the motion unanimously carried.

With the resignation of Anthony Williams, the board’s secretary position is vacant. The floor was opened for nominations. Morrison, the sole nominee, was unanimously approved following a motion from Jacobson and second from Gridley.

Jacobson requested a change to the bylaws to allow the faculty representative to vote. The change requires 2/3 vote of the membership. After brief discussion, a motion to approve the change was made by Morrison, seconded by Adell, and unanimously approved.

Presentation by Laurie Mullen, associate dean, Teachers College
Mullen shared details of the Professional Educators Initiative which utilizes faculty coaches in assisting educators who are not meeting specific criteria aligned with the RISE rubric. Upon successful completion of the online, classroom-based module, the teacher will receive a certificate of competency in an area that they were previously scored as deficient or in need of improvement. Teachers may purchase individual “seats” in the module or school corporations may purchase a number of “seats” for a discounted rate. The most frequently requested modules are: developing student understanding, mastery of lesson objective, demonstrating and communicating content, and developing a higher level of understanding.

Mullen also discussed the Cardinal Guarantee. If the principal deems any first year teacher from Ball State as needing improvement, the module is offered free of charge. This guarantee is also beneficial for recruiting, as students will know that the college will offer support and ensure a graduate is successful. Discussion ensued regarding program promotion and suggestions included placing a flyer in the teacher graduation folder, sending emails about these opportunities to alumni in early August, and reaching out to the teachers union and requesting they spread the word.

Mullen shared information about the Woodrow Wilson Indiana TeachingFellowship as well. For the fellowship, Ball State works to recruit and retain highly qualified teacher for high needs schools in STEM areas. As part of the year-long fellowship and mentoring program, fellows will receive a $30,000 stipend, a master’s degree in science education, and teaching licensure in math, physics, chemistry or life science. In exchange, fellows will be mentored and supported by faculty as they teach for three years in a high needs Indiana school district.

Dean’s Report
Jacobson noted that US News and World Report ranked the Teachers College online graduate education programs 11th in the nation (one of Ball State’s highest rankings) and ranked the online graduate education programs for veterans third in the nation. The Teachers College graduate education program continues to stay in the Top 100 in the nation and is currently ranked at 86. Educational Leadership ranks 20th by Leadership Excellence magazine for outreach leadership development. US News and World Report ranked Burris Laboratory School third in Indiana and 405/21,035 in the nation for Best High Schools, earning a “Gold Award.” The Washington Post ranked Burris third in Indiana, 26 regionally, and 398 nationally for “America’s Most Challenging High Schools.”

The Indiana Academy will introduce a pilot cohort of six non-resident international students, with the option to expand given the success of the pilot. In addition, 126/137 of the academy’s senior class earned dual credit during their two-year tenure at the academy, with 24.33 credits earned on average.

In line with the college’s strategic plan, Jacobson reported on the new data tracking system and collection of best practices at Burris, the academy, and charter and partnership network schools. In addition, the new Early Childhood Completer bachelor’s program kicked off in the all with twenty students and will admit 40 additional students in fall 2015. Four new certificate programs were developed this year in: Instructional Design and Assessment (IDA), Qualitative Research in Education, Adult Education, and Community Education Leadership. Also approved were new master of science degree programs in educational psychology and quantitative psychology. In other departmental news, faculty and students traveled to seventeen countries, including Afghanistan, Taiwan, and Italy. The college hosted four receptions at conferences for the American Psychological Association, the National Association for Gifted Children, The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and the American Education Research Association.

Adjournment and Next Meeting
The next TC board meeting will be held on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the Alumni Center Board Room.  A luncheon, which will include scholarship and award recipients, will follow in Meeting Room 1.  

The board of directors adjourned for a luncheon at 12:15 p.m. Afterwards, Jacobson updated the board on the $16.9 million dollar Teachers College building renovation and led a tour of the updated facility.

Respectfully submitted,
L. Waldron

Ball State University Teachers College Alumni Board of Directors Meeting
September 14, 2013  

Members Present:
 Gwen Adell, Derek Berger, Vince Bertram, Alena Bogucki, Maria Esterline, Mike Garringer, Michelle Harrell,  Tracy Hendricks, John Jacobson, and Phil Metcalf. Speaker: Bob Marra

Call to Order and Approval of Minutes
Metcalf called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. Upon a motion by Garringer and second by Esterline, the June 25, 2013 minutes were approved by voice vote.

Teachers College Presentation - Bob Marra, Office of Charter Schools
Marra gave a presentation on Ball State’s charter schools.  As of July 1, 2013 Ball State had 33 charter schools - seven of the schools are up for renewal during the 2013-14 academic year and two closed due to finances. The charter schools are located in 17 Indiana counties - two are virtual schools, four are for grades 9 through 12 grades only, and seven have children who require special education classes. Ball State has the most charter schools to date, with four other universities having charter schools.  

Discussion - New Category for Teachers College Alumni Award 
Roy Weaver asked the dean to consider adding an international alumni category to the Teachers College Alumni Awards.  He believes alumni living overseas are unlikely to be nominated or selected for the outstanding alumni award. The board recognizes many alumni work internationally both in the classroom and administratively that would be worthy of nomination.  Questions raised during the discussion included: 1.  How to present the award? Bogucki suggested using video conferencing. Bertram suggested the award be taken to the school and the teacher/administrator be recognized at the school and within the community. 2.  Why should a new category be created? Bertram suggested promoting the outstanding alumni award in a way that would better include international alumni.

Jacobson suggested an outstanding alumni award committee be formed to discuss this issue and give recommendations at a future meeting, but the committee was not formed at this meeting.

The following board members were acknowledged for their many years of service to the Teachers College Alumni Society board:  Phil Metcalf, Mike Garringer, Maria Esterline, and Jeannine Browning.

Three new Board Members Alumni under consideration for positions on the board are: Adam Shunk, MA ’04 PhD ’07; David Chastain, ’78 MA ’88; Kathleen Lee, EdD ’02.  David McIntosh will be the new Teachers College faculty representative. Upon a motion by Bertram and second by Adell, the nominations were approved by voice vote.  Jacobson will contact nominees.

Election of Offices
President: Vince Bertram
Vice President: Alena Bogucki
Secretary: Anthony Williams (note: Williams resigned later in the year)
Alumni Council Representative: Gwen Adell

Committee Assignments

2014 Outstanding Alumni Awards: Adell, Jacobson, Lee, McIntosh, and Robinson
Innovative Grant: Bertram, Morrison, and Williams (note: resigned)
Alumni Scholarship: Bogucki, Chastain, and Shunk

Dean’s Report 
Jacobson gave a brief report on changes, updates, and accomplishments within the college.   Some of the areas covered included:
· As of fall semester, 940 students were enrolled in the ABA Autism Master Program. This program has the largest out-of-state enrollment of Teachers College programs.  
· The elementary education program received a one star NTCQ rating and secondary received a half star rating.  
· Teachers College and the university will celebrate its 100 year anniversary in 2018.  Jacobson would like the board to help plan a series of events to mark the anniversary.  Suggestions for showcasing Teachers College accomplishments over the past 100 years included:  legacy wall in the newly renovated Teachers College building; making a time capsule; and creating an immersive learning project to highlight the past 100 years.
· Construction on the building will be completed by the end of December 2013 with the rededication being held in the spring.  
· New admission standards beginning fall semester 2014 will require incoming freshmen and transfer students to have a 3.0 GPA.

Next Board Meeting 
The next board meeting is Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at the Teachers College Building.  Committee meetings will begin at 9:00 a.m., the board meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Lunch to follow.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m., lunch followed.

Respectfully submitted,
M. Harrell

Teacher College Alumni Society Meeting Minutes
June 25, 2013

Members Present:  Derek Berger, Vince Bertram, Alena Bogucki, Mike Garringer, Michelle Harrell, Tracy Hendricks, John Jacobson, Phil Metcalf, Denny Morrison, Wendy Robinson, and Kate Webber. Speaker: Dixie Denton

Call to Order and Minutes Approval
Metcalf called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Upon a motion by Bertram and second by Robinson, the September 8, 2012 minutes were approved by voice vote. 

Committee Reports  
Outstanding Alumni Award Committee:  Recipients of the Outstanding Alumni Award for 2013-14 are John Beineke and John Zakelj.  John Beineke, MA'73EdD'77 began his career teaching middle school and high school social studies in Marion Community Schools.  He has taught at three liberal arts institutions and is currently Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Professor of History at Arkansas State University.  He has published many books, chapters, and articles.  Beineke was appointed by former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh to the Indiana Education Licensing and Certification Commission and was also a member of the NCATE Board. John Zakelj, MAE'00 teaches science at Union City Community High School in Union City, Indiana.  He has created and taught high school courses in environmental science, integrated chemistry, physics, introduction to renewable energy, fundamentals of biofuel production, and wind power.  Zakelj has been the key leader in developing a K-12 energy curriculum.  He initiated and managed the school’s renewable energy project, which included securing funding and overseeing the installation of a 1-kW wind turbine, a 920-W solar array, and data acquisition system.  Zakelj worked with Ivy Tech to enable students in the courses in the Alternative Energy Technologies Program to earn Ivy Tech credits that focus on learning how to maintain the turbines.    They were all dual credit courses that were supported by the superintendent, who secured a $100,000 grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.  In 2002, Zakelkj was named Outstanding Young Educator by the Technology Educators of Indiana. 

A motion was made by Jacobson to accept the nomination, seconded by Bertram and approved by voice vote. 

Scholarship Committee: Of 11 submissions, nine scholarships were awarded this year in the total amount of $9,000. The students, their hometowns, and the scholarship(s) are: Devon Bell, Marlton, New Jersey, Earl Johnson Memorial, Teachers College Alumni, and Leslie J. Mauth Alumni Scholarships; Courtney Blosser, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Helen Sornson Elementary Scholarship; Elizabeth Nowak, Carmel, Indiana, Helen Sornson Elementary Scholarship; Emily Pittenger, Muncie, Indiana, John and Lavona Dunworth and Teachers College Alumni Scholarships; Sarah Rudmann, Union, Ohio, Helen Sornson Elementary Scholarship; James Simmons, Vincennes, Indiana, Myrtle Toops Secondary Education and Teachers College Alumni Scholarships; Kristina Smith, Indianapolis, Indiana, Helen Sornson Elementary and Teachers College Alumni Scholarships; Michael Smith, West Chester, Ohio, Leslie J. Mauth Alumni Scholarship;  and Stephanie Zook, Anderson, Indiana, Charles M. Kimbrough and McIntosh-Ross Family Special Education Scholarships.

A motion was made by Metcalf to accept the selections of the scholarship committee.  The motion was approved by voice vote. 

Dean’s Report
Jacobson gave a report on changes and updates within the college.  Items mentioned included: Teachers College offers ten online graduate programs, 14 graduate level certificates, and six licenses. The Department of Educational Leadership doctoral cohort program is in its second year with 32 students at the Ball State Indianapolis Center and online. The special education department has eight nationally recognized teacher licensing programs through the Council for Exceptional Children. U.S. News & World Report ranked the college’s graduate programs 81st in the nation. Teachers College online education programs for veterans ranked 8th in U.S. News & World Report. Teachers College’s online programs ranked 17th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for “student services technology.” Burris Laboratory School earned a Gold Award. The Washington Post ranked Burris 3rd in Indiana, 26th regionally and 398th nationally for “Americas Most Challenging High School.” One thousand and eighteen students participated in 34 immersive learning programs during the 2012-13 academic school year. The school psychology program was given a seven year reaccreditation by the American Psychology Association. Last phase of building renovation to begin fall semester.

Teachers College Presentation:  Dixie Denton “Living-Learning Community”
Denton gave a presentation on the Living-Learning Communities.  The communities allow first year students the opportunity to live with others who are pursuing the same area of study, or lifestyle choices, and encourage interaction outside the classroom. Ball State has a set of programs which proved a supportive environment for freshmen.  The living-learning communities are one of those programs and have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report since 2004. Faculty members facilitate study sessions and advise first year students.  They assist students in connecting with upper-level students, learning professional skills, and examine unique experiences within the community.

New Business
A brief discussion was held on ways alumni could connect and encourage kids to become teachers.   Suggestions included mentorship and cadet teaching programs and advertising more virtually by way of videos posted online.  Virtual engagement opportunities included webinars and co-teaching while  school is in session.  Reaching out to students before high school to let them know what career opportunities are available seemed to be a top priority.

Next Board Meeting
The next board meeting is Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the Alumni Center.  Lunch with 2013-14 Teacher College Scholarship recipients to follow meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m., lunch followed.

Respectfully submitted,
M. Harrell