StART Constitution


We, as students of Ball State University, in order to foster and more fully realize the ideals of the Ball State University Alumni Association, to encourage loyalty, to acquaint students to the needs, to the services and to the programs of the Alumni Association and to unite ourselves in closer bonds of fellowship and professionals assistance, do establish this constitution.

This organization shall be known as the Student Alumni Relations Team and shall hereafter be recognized by the acronym St.A.R.T.

To assist in reaching the goals of the Ball State University Alumni Association by facilitating an active relationship between students and alumni. To allow student interaction with alumni who have expertise in student's particular areas of study. To promote further student involvement in Ball State University through services, programming, and special events.

ARTICLE III. Membership
Section 1. All currently enrolled undergraduate students of Ball State University shall be eligible to be active, voting members of, and to hold office in St.A.R.T. Students interested are required to go through an informal application/interview process to be administered by the executive committee of St.A.R.T. and a staff member of the Ball State University Alumni Association.

Section 2. The St.A.R.T. board of directors will consist of fifteen members. Initially, eight students selected for two years and seven selected for one year. Thereafter all terms will be for two years, rotating annually either eight or seven new members.

Section 3. There shall be no dues or other financial assessment for active, voting membership in St.A.R.T.

Section 4. Active members are required to attend a majority of all general business meetings. Membership will be terminated after two unexcused meeting absences during one academic year. Members are also required to serve on at least one active committee upon assignment by the president.

Section 5. St.A.R.T. shall not discriminate on the bases of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, physical or mental handicap, or age.

ARTICLE IV. Officers
Section 1. The officers of St.A.R.T. shall be the president, vice president/treasurer, secretary, new member coordinator, and public relations chair.

Section 2. The president shall have the authority to appoint committees as they are needed for services, programs, and special events. The vice president/treasurer shall act as liaison between any appointed committees and the executive committee and shall be responsible for transacting, recording, reporting, and evaluating all financial matters of St.A.R.T. The vice president shall preside over meetings in the absence of the president. The secretary shall be responsible for recording, compiling, and disseminating all organizational information. The new member coordinator will work with the public relations chair in advertising for new members, lead the selection process, and serve as a mentor to the new members. The public relations chair is responsible for all advertising and promotion pertaining to the Student Alumni Relations Team. The public relations chair is also responsible for taking meeting minutes in the absence of the secretary.

Section 3. The term of office of the officers of this organization shall be one year. They shall assume their office March 1.

Section 4. The initial president shall be selected by an application/interview process carried out by the executive director of Alumni Programs. Thereafter the president shall be elected from the board of directors.

Section 5. The vice president/treasurer, secretary, new member coordinator, and public relations chair shall be selected by an election of the board of directors.

Section 6. Any officer of St.A.R.T. may be removed from his/her office by a majority vote of all active, voting members present at any board of directors' meeting.

Section 7. In the event of the removal of an officer, or in the event any officer resigns his/her office, nominations will be opened and a special election will be conducted within two weeks after said officer's resignation or removal. The winner of the special election shall fill the vacated office for the remainder of the term already underway.

ARTICLE V. Executive Committee
Section 1. The executive committee shall consist of the president, vice president/treasurer, secretary, new member coordinator, and public relations chair to be elected by the active, voting membership. The president shall chair the executive committee.

Section 2. The primary responsibility of the executive committee shall be to set policies and procedures for St.A.R.T. and to oversee its fiscal responsibilities.

ARTICLE VI. Advisory Board
Section 1. The advisory board of St.A.R.T. shall consist of the executive director and one other member of the Alumni Association staff.

Section 2. Due to the importance and closeness of the group's activities in relation to the workings of the Alumni Association and the office of Alumni Programs, the advisory board of St.A.R.T. shall have final review over all programs and events of the organizations.

Section 1. There shall be at least one general business meeting per month excluding summer term. Proper notice shall be made at least one week prior to said meetings.

Section 2. A quorum for the general business meeting shall be a simple majority of the board of directors of this organization.

Section 3. Executive committee meetings will be called as needed by the president.

Section 4. A quorum for the executive committee meetings shall be a simple majority of the executive committee members of this organization.

Section 5. All meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

ARTICLE VIII. Amendments
This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the active voting members of this

ARTICLE IX. Adherence to University Rules and Regulations
Section 1. St.A.R.T. shall adhere to the "Student Handbook" and other laws, rules and regulations governing Ball State University.
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