Building Better Communities Fellows

Building Better Communities Fellows is an immersive learning program in which faculty and students find real-world solutions to real-world problems for Indiana businesses and organizations. We invite you to check out our open and past projects.

Funded in part by the Lilly Endowment Inc., the Fellows program engages interdisciplinary teams of students led by a faculty mentor in on-site, problem-based projects. We want to assist our local economy by focusing on directly improving services, developing new job opportunities, improving quality, or improving competitiveness for our business and community partners.

The overall goal of our program is to provide opportunities for students to put their academic knowledge into action by working directly in business settings and to provide a more educated workforce by increasing the number of college graduates who choose to live in Indiana. The program creates new business connections for students in a wide variety of disciplines, increases the potential for employment for these students in Indiana, and provides professional field experience.

Our partners benefit by having a team of energetic, enthusiastic, bright students examine their problems from a fresh perspective, with the assistance of a faculty mentor.

Faculty mentors play an important role in the Building Better Communities Fellows program. They direct a team of students as they work on a problem-based project for an Indiana company or organization.

Community members get the opportunity to partner with an energetic team of Ball State students from diverse majors selected specifically to meet your needs with new ideas and perspectives applied to your organization's distinct challenges or problems.