Student Involvement

Looking for an immersive learning opportunity? The BBC Fellows program is now recruiting undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines for the spring and summer 2014 terms.

Earn credit and professional experience in a semester-long project with a team of students from across campus.  

Find your fit for an immersive learning project. There are a variety of ways that it could fit creatively into your course work.

Submit an online application for the program.

Summer 2014

High Riding Art and Equestrian Camp – Summer Session I, with preliminary meetings spring semester:
The Blackford County High Riding Art and Equestrian Day Camp project will offer authentic experiences for students who may seek to design and implement a day camp program.  The students in this project will study psychological, environmental, and cultural factors that contribute to mild and moderate disabilities, and characteristics of individuals with disabilities. Working collaboratively with schools, local service providers, and several community agencies and nonprofit organizations, the students will then plan and implement a two-week long program for children with disabilities. The camp will include horseback riding, art experiences, science, technology, sports, and other enrichment activities. Themed activities will fill each day, culminating in a family carnival. Preliminary planning meetings for this project will begin before spring break. All majors are welcome, as varied skill sets are needed for this camp.

Camp will now be June 16-27, second summer session.
Training will continue through current spring semester.

For more information, contact Ruth Jones, Department of Special Education. Apply now!


Centennial State Park Tour - Summer II
The Indiana State Parks will celebrate their 100th birthday in 2016 as well as the state bicentennial. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has tasked Ball State students to create driving/walking tours to allow park visitors to learn the cultural history of the state parks.  This summer the project team will create 12 tours.  Students with expertise in the following fields of study are encouraged to apply: animation, anthropology, art, communication, computer science, English, graphic design, geography, history, historic preservation, interpretation, journalism, landscape architecture, military science, natural resources, telecommunication, or any related field.

For more information, contact Ron Morris, Department of History. Apply now!


Meals and Memories on Wheels - Summer II
This project team will work with Meals on Wheels.  Meals on Wheels, Muncie, Inc. is a community program designed to deliver meals to homebound person who are unable to prepare their own balanced meals.   Students will create a web page that presents videos and graphic content telling the stories of those served and providing an understanding of what encourages those who serve to make driving through all kinds of weather conditions to get hot meals to those who need them. This course is useful for students in Telecommunications, Gerontology, Social Work, Adult and Community Education and Psychology but is open to students from any discipline.

For more information, contact Michael Lee or Maria Williams-Hawkins, Department of Telecommunications. Apply now!

Yount's Mill - Summer I, II, & Fall
In 1865, to continue to meet the government contracts needed to keep the Union Army in the field, the Yount family built a new, brick wool mill to help them produce blankets and uniforms for Civil War soldiers. In addition to the new mill, the existing mill complex contained a wooden frame mill, a boarding house for workers, a business office/store, and warehouse. The Yount family’s woolen mill near Crawfordsville is an excellent example of a company mill town in Indiana. As Indiana entered the industrial revolution, workers, women, immigrants, and children worked in this factory complex as an alternative to the agrarian pursuits of their neighbors in the surrounding farming communities. 

A group of 18-24 students over the course of two semesters (summer sessions 1 and 2 and fall 2014) will conduct a historical and archaeological study of the Yount’s Woolen Mill and Boarding House in Montgomery County, Indiana. Yount’s Mill is located 40 miles west of Indianapolis in Crawfordsville. 

For more information, contact Ron Morris, Department of History. Apply now!


 Fall 2014

Environmental exploration & multimedia storytelling: Researching & documenting water quality in the Mississinewa River
In light of societal needs for an increased engagement in STEM and awareness of water resources, this immersive-learning course focuses upon the public understanding of science and comprises a collaboration of students from multimedia production and the natural sciences. Students collect a range of water-quality data from local waterways and develop multimedia products that address the scientific and education mission of our community partners, FlatLand Resources and Red Tail Land Conservancy. Through teamwork, students are expected to acquire defendable scientific results, conduct interviews with stakeholders, and generate multimedia products. Students then synthesize their information and disseminate their deliverables to a public audience of consultants, regulators, and landowners.

For more information, contact Adam Kuban, Department of Journalism, and Lee Florea, Department of Geological Sciences.  Apply now!


Head Start of Delaware County
Head Start's mission is to foster healthy development in low-income children. Students involved in the Head Start project will plan and produce a promotional campaign for Head Start of Delaware County that uses local television, radio, print, and social media. The campaign's goal is to promote Head Start's services to eligible families while improving fundraising and increasing “in-kind” donations to the organization. Students with expertise in telecommunications, graphic design, advertising, marketing, public relations, and elementary education are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Paige Waters or Miao Guo, Department of Telecommunications. Apply now!


Incredible What? Where?  Helping Incredible Yogurt Connect with Campus and Community - Fall 2014 & Spring 2015
This establishment, located on Bethel Avenue near Rural King, Dairy Queen, and McDonald's, will be the community partner. Incredible Yogurt's needs are: (1) rebranding through developing and implementing a grassroots marketing plan, social media, and creating new print material; (2) generating ideas for facility improvement through customer flow and seating, signage, and wall color/décor and menu options; (3) creating an employee manual, including examining and updating existing job descriptions and policies, and evaluating current job activities.

For more information, contact Peggy Fisher, Department of Communication Studies. Apply now!


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