Students who wish to withdraw from a course or multiple courses (but not their complete registration) may be eligible for tuition credits.  Students contemplating a withdrawal will be financially responsible for the time they have spent in the course. 

The calculation of tuition credit for a partial withdrawal is based upon the number of hours for which the student is financially responsible.  The responsible hours are calculated according to the percentage rate at which a course withdrawal is completed:

 Course Duration Adjustment for Withdrawal 
 Sixteen Week Term
      Withdrawal during 1st week of term  100%
      Withdrawal during 2nd week of term   75%
      Withdrawal during 3rd week of term   50%
      Withdrawal during 4th week of term   25%
      Thereafter   0%
 Ten Week Term  
      Withdrawal during days 1 - 5 of term 100%
      Withdrawal during days 6 - 10 of term  50%
      Thereafter  0%
 Eight Week Term  
      Withdrawal during days 1 - 4 of term 100%
      Withdrawal during days 5 - 10 of term  50% 
      Thereafter  0% 
 Five Week Term  
      Withdrawal during days 1 - 3 of term 100% 
      Withdrawal during days 4 - 6 of term 50% 


One Week Term   
      Withdrawal during days 2-7 0%

For example, if a student with 12 credit hours withdraws from 3 credit hours in week 3 at a tuition credit rate of 50%, the student will be responsible for 50% of the 3 withdrawn hours (1.5 hours).  The student will receive a tuition credit of the difference between 12 hours and 10.5 hours (= 1.5 hours).  

If your responsible hours after your withdrawal fall between 12-18 credit hours, there will be no adjustment of your tuition charges.

Use the calculator to determine whether you are eligible for tuition credits, should you withdraw from a class.

If you have used the withdrawal calculator to determine your eligibility for tuition credit, you understand what credit hours you are responsible for, and you have verified the resulting effect of a course withdrawal on your financial aid, you may go to SSB to complete an individual/partial withdrawal from a class.