Many Ball State University students, like you, work on campus. An on-campus job provides an opportunity to earn extra money, meet people, develop transferable job skills,learn time-management skills, gain experience, and get more involved on campus.  Use this guide to navigate your way to a student job.

General Information
            The Value of Student Employment
            Student Employment
            Federal Work Study

If you are just starting:

            Eligibility Conditions
            Beginning the Application Process
    Accommodations for Referrals While Away From Campus

            Required Forms can be found in the General Students Packet and Packet for International Students. They include the following.
State Tax Form
Federal Tax Form
Direct Deposit Form
Federal I-9 Form
Employee Confidentiality Agreement Form

Looking for On Campus Jobs:
            Cardinal Career Link

Off Campus and Post-Graduate Opportunities:
            Cardinal Career Link

            Student Employment Handbook
                        Accommodations for a Disability
                        Attendance, Illness and Time Off
                        Background Investigations
                        Eligibility Documents for Federal I-9 Form
                        Eligibility for Campus Employment
                        Employee Self Serve & Direct Deposit
                        Federal Work Study
                        General Responsibilities
                        General Employment Policies
                        Hours and Earnings
                        Job Related Problems
                        SaVE Act Training
                        Students Requiring Special Permission to Work