Ball State has moved to a "rolling termination" process which allows students to be hired for an indefinite period.  We have, traditionally, "renewed" student employees working the same position at the beginning of the summer and academic terms.  In most cases, this is no longer necessary.  Students may still be hired for a limited time, where applicable, but please be advised that both options are now available in the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF, STU100) process.

If a student has a termination date associated with his or her work assignment, please go to this link for a step by step procedure for renewing student employees.

If a student has no existing termination date, a reactivation EPAF is not necessary.  This student assignment will continue until an ADM-400 (Administrative - End Job Assignment) is submitted.  You may be requested to terminate a student employee should he or she does not work for three consecutive pay periods. This usually occurs when there is a shortage of Kronos licenses but, you may choose to periodically review your roster of students in Kronos and remove (ADM-400) those student who are no longer working.