Supervisors wanting to change student wage rates should follow policies established by their vice-presidents and observe the following procedures.

To Change Base Rates of Pay

Changing the wage rate for a position:

To increase the base rate of pay for existing positions above $7.25 an hour:

  • Complete a Student Employment Change in Base Rate Request (PDF) form.
  • Supervisors, or their designee, submit "Base Wage Rate Increase" form through the appropriate department head, dean, and vice-president.
  • Requests for higher wage rates for positions in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and Enrollment Services must be accompanied by a statement of justification and job description. 
  • You may make changes in base rates of pay at any time during the year.
  • You will be notified by the Career Center once the approval has reached the student employment office.
  • Submit STU201 forms for individual students only after you receive confirmation from the Career Center that the position's base wage rate has been changed in the Cardinal Career Link database.

New positions:

  • To post a new or vacant student position at a wage rate above $7.25 an hour, submit the Career Center's " Student Employment Vacancy Form " with the signatures of the appropriate vice president and the department head (or person with budget sign-off authority) approving the higher rate of pay.

To Award Longevity Pay

Follow the instructions for the STU201, "Student Change in Base Pay" form.

  • The complete student wage plan, "Suggested Guidelines for Establishing Differentiated Student Employee Wage Rates within Ball State University Departments" is available online on the Career Center's Website . The plan includes a description of three student employment wage levels, a suggested job-review process, and guidelines for writing job descriptions and making longevity pay raise decisions.
  • Longevity increases should be effective at the beginning of a bi-weekly pay period and are limited to one per academic term.
  • Increases are limited to 25¢ per hour in  5¢ increments (5¢, 10¢,15¢, 20¢, or 25¢).
  • Remember, the Board of Trustees set $9 an hour as the maximum hourly pay rate for regular student employment positions, including all longevity increases.