Several Ball State programs require internships. If yours requires one, talk to your department internship coordinator or a Career Coach from the Career Center about the requirements. If your program does not require an internship, decide whether or not you want to do your internship for academic credit. If you do, follow the necessary steps to arrange for academic credit by speaking with your department internship coordinator. If you do not want or need academic credit, schedule an appointment with the Career Center for further assistance.

How long does an internship last?
Credit internship: About 10 to 16 weeks or the length of the semester.
Non-credit internship: The length of an experience may vary. Generally, it will last several months, though length is at the discretion of the employer and student.

When do I begin the application process?
Credit internship: We recommend at least six months of preparation time. Summer internships are more competitive, and application deadlines may be as early as October.
Non-credit internship: We recommend as much time as possible. Summer internships are more competitive, and application deadlines may be as early as October.

Is there a Ball State fee for me to participate?
Credit internship: Yes, the number of credits received for the internship determines the costs. A small fee for liability insurance coverage may also be assessed.
Non-credit internship: No

Do I have to speak to someone at Ball State in order to participate?
Credit internship: Yes, students should check eligibility requirements for majors, to determine if they qualify and meet the departmental standards.
Non-credit internship: No, but we recommend meeting with the Career Center about making the most of the opportunity.

Will this experience be documented on my transcripts?
Credit internship: Yes, a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade will be listed on transcripts in accordance with the rules governing credit internships for majors.
Non-credit internship: No, but the experience can be listed on résumés and co-curricular transcripts (currently in development).

Will I get academic credit?
Credit internship: Credit varies for each academic program. See department internship coordinator for specific information.
Non-credit internship: No

May I participate in more than one internship?
Credit internship: Specific departments’ academic requirements vary. Departmental internship coordinator can determine the best option.
Non-credit internship: Yes

May I take a full academic class load?
Credit internship: Yes, credit internships can be done concurrently during the semester or over the summer.
Non-credit internship: Yes, non-credit internships can be done concurrently during the semester or the summer.

May I participate in an opportunity outside the United States?

Credit internship: Yes, depending upon major requirements. Interning abroad should be planned one year in advance. Contact the Rinker Center for more information about study abroad programs.
Non-credit internship: Yes

Do I need to complete paperwork?
Credit internship: Yes, students must complete enrollment paperwork and provide additional information to qualify an organization. See the department internship coordinator for details.
Non-credit internship: No but some employers may have forms for students or the university to sign, though.