Jacob Linter
Accounting Intern, Celadon Group
Senior in Accounting and Human Resource Management

"What I enjoyed most about my internship was learning what the real world is like. I found my internship through the Ball State Career Fair. Some of my responsibilities included reconciling fixed asset accounts, working with sage FAS software, and helping accounts payable with data entry. I believe my classes and speaking with professors to learn how to show up to my position prepared were the most helpful. My advice for other students considering an internship is to do it earlier than later, stick with it, and don't get discouraged."

Cory Simmons
Assistant Manager of Supply Chain, Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Junior in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, concentration/minor in Hospitality Management and Six Sigma.

"The two things I learned from my internship were how to communicate in a professional environment and how to manage a large number of tasks. Although I enjoyed the constantly changing work environment and the different challenges every day, it was very hard to keep up with and not get worn out. I found my internship through connections at the company. My advice for other students is to take advantage of every opportunity the company offers, ask questions, and pay attention to the upper level stay. Chances are the company you are interning with will love to have you around and the more you interact with the people, the more information they will be willing to share to help you build your future."

Thomas Smith
Indiana Internnet Intern of the Year Nominee, Assistant Project Manager, RL Turner
Senior in Construction Management, minor in Business Administration for Construction Management

"What I enjoyed most about my internship was the real world experience. Some of my primary responsibilities were doing submittals, contacting subcontractors, and working on schedules. The top two things I learned were how to effectively manage subcontractors and how construction processes work. I found my internship through the Ball State Career Fair, and my experiences at Ball State taught me some of the important skills I needed to perform well."

Bradley Ridge
IT Intern, Eli Lilly & Company
Senior in Computer Science, concentration/minor in Foundations in Business

"The culture within Eli Lilly is so welcoming with so much eagerness/focus on interns. Even with over 30 interns in IT alone, it was a very personal experience. It was essentially a summer camp but with real world application. Some of my responsibilities were application development, intern program-wide project/video collaboration, and networking. I found the internship through the Ball State Career Fair and it changed my outlook on the business world."

Evan Ball
Business Advisory Group Public Accounting Intern, Katz, Sapper & Miller
Senior in Accounting

"I really enjoyed the hands-on experience related to public account. KSM allows their interns to gain so much experience in the four months they spend on the job. That experience has helped me in the classroom and also with making a choice for my future career. The long hours and training were the most difficult aspect of my internship. I found my internship through the Ball State Career Fair and I think Ball State does a good job of making internships that are available, well known. Cardinal Career Link is a great resource for all students looking for any type of employment."

Cody Richards
Tax Intern, Deloitte
Senior in Accounting and Business Administration

"What I enjoyed most about my internship was preparing tax returns because I learned so much about my profession. I found this internship because I had a previous internship with Deloitte in 2015 that I found through the Ball State Career Fair. My performance in that internship was rewarded with a second internship and a full-time job offer. My advice for other students would be to absolutely do an internship and to keep an open mind because there area lot of different opportunities that may not seem like something you would like, but you may learn a lot about it and begin to enjoy it."

Lauren Birkey
Digital Media Intern, Children's Bureau Inc.
Senior in English Studies, concentration/minor in Professional Writing & Emerging Media

"The best part of my internship was my supervisor because she was more like a mentor and took the time to get to know me and train me. Some of my primary responsibilities were to plan weekly social media posts, make graphics for social media posts, and write human interest pieces. I found my internship through Cardinal Career Link and my internship with the English Department prepared me the most for my job. My advice for other students would be to find three key words associated with your desired career and then apply to every internship with one of all of those key words. You may not end up doing exactly what you wanted to do, but it may turn out that you like something different better!"

Mady Catton
Intern, A Better Way
Senior in Psychology, minor in Marketing

"My internship was very interesting, emotional, and flexible. I found it by having previous experience with A Better Way and my advisor also helped me find the best fit. The top two things I learned were how a shelter is run on a day-to-day basis and all the different jobs that are done behind the scense to keep a shelter up and running (I.e. cleaning and driving clients to job interviews and doctors appointments). I believe the classes that I have taken in the Psychology Department helped me to understand coping mechanisms. I also feel like my involvement with Alpha Chi Omega, which focuses on domestic violence and awareness, support of victims, and healthy relationships, also prepared me for my internship."