Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about Excellence in Leadership (EIL). If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.

Who can participate? Are there any requirements?

EIL is open to any Ball State University student. However all interested students must complete a registration.

Do I need permission to take Excellence in Leadership for credit?

No, you can register online or after the online registration deadline by emailing

What is the difference between taking the program for credit and not for credit?

When you take EIL for credit it becomes a class. You receive a grade which counts towards your overall all grade point average (GPA). It is subject to all the same rules and guidelines as any other university course.

I don’t have any leadership experience, is this program for me?

Yes! This program is for anyone who wants to learn more about leadership. Are some leaders born? Sure. But we believe that most leaders are made.

Why two years? Can’t I learn all of this stuff in one semester?

No, you can’t learn everything in one semester. In fact, leadership is a lifelong pursuit. The full program is two years however, students can participate for just one semester, just two semesters, just three semesters or all four semesters! 

What happens if I drop out of the program?

Students who drop out of the program must notify our staff. Students taking EIL for credit must follow all university withdrawal guidelines.

Can you really teach leadership?

Yes, you can teach leadership. Leadership has been a formal area of study for over 100 years. While it is a complex process, it can be observed and reproduced. It simply requires good teachers and good students.

Can I still participate in other organizations?

Yes! We want you to take the lead in other student organizations and practice what you are learning in EIL. While EIL does require a commitment, it also leaves time for other organizations and activities.

Does it matter what my major is?

No, EIL is open to any major and we believe that whatever your major or minor is, EIL can help to complement your experience.

I have more questions, whom do I contact?

Contact the Office of Student Life at 765-285-2621 or e-mail us at